Professional learning and development

I am sold on Hazel Owen\’s Virtual Professional Learning Development approach. For the larger size of the image click here. At first glance the model looks complicated but in actual fact it is surprisingly simple. At the core is the teacher who becomes a participant in a virtual learning community. The model uses a Moodle platform to facilitate online interactions with other teachers, resources and mentors. The diagram shows how the teacher is linked to a virtual learning community, the students and the wider education community. It is worth noting that the virtualness of the approach does not exclude face to face interactions. The complexity of the diagram comes from the inclusion of all the processes and practices involved in the professional learning and development that the teacher engages in. What I am exploring is how this model could be applied to specific teaching and learning practices such as assessment, in particular assessing action competence
Owen, H. (2011). Design for virtual professional learning and development: infinity and beyond. Proceedings of the International Conference on eLearning Futures 2011 (pp. 46-53). Auckland: Unitec.