A Thriller Piece: The Maze

Photo by Tucu0103 Bianca on Pexels.com

The maze was dark. He could see a huge fire torch lit up in the distance. It was large enough to see that he was in a maze. He was in a different world. Somewhere totally different. Louis wanted to go back home, but some curiosity inside, pulled him to go further. He thought the end would be soon, but it wasn’t…

He took a few steps, and then ‘ oops! ‘. he tripped on something rocky. He bent down to take a closer look. He was able to smell something different and cheesy.He felt strange. It was covered with mud. He used his hands to remove the mud. When he saw it, it was white and bony. Yes, it was a skeleton. A dead body. Louis was now shaking.

He slowly stood up, and looked around. He saw torned clothes, bones, insects, tools, blood stains and fire burns around him. He realised that the whole place is now filled with dead bodies. Something has happened here. Something totally strange. He went near the walls, they were burnt too. He slowly touched the walls, it felt rough. He was not really sure of what the walls were made of. But, it just felt rough.Was this whole maze burnt? And that is why the people died? Did someone take over this place? Did anyone know that there is a place like this? These questions were fighting against each other in Louis’ mind. Will he get an answer for his questions?

He went further and further by trying to get out of the maze and observing everything around him. Then he stopped. He saw a torn t- shirt on the ground. It looked familiar. He has seen it somewhere. He tried looking more sharper. The smell was now stronger. He held his breath, went closer and took it up. He shook it a little, when he saw a letter inside the t-shirt. It was not clear. It looked like someone scratched the letter in a rough wall. He slowly tried to find out what the letter was about. All he got was this.

Get out Not safe.
Outside world…

Louis was shaking… he knew it. It was relic. But how? Did relic come here before me? the writing was not completed. It looked like someone grabbed relic away before he could finish. There were blood drops in the letter. Did a war take place?

Louis couldn’t stop thinking about relic… he was still. Forcing himself not to drop a tear. He couldn’t help it. Tears jumped out of his eyes. “ You were the one who wanted us to come here. You were the one. But now you’re not here with me?!What am I doing?I was selfish! Why am I here! No! “ he was now showering with tears. He frustratedly looked around searching for the doorkeeper. “ where are you? You coward! Where are you? Just let me go! Where is relic? Give him back to me!” Louis cried.

Someone laughed, the voice echoed. Louis looked around surprised. Someone was coming closer. He could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. Louis moved back a little. The shadow appeared. It was a man. An old man.

The old man looked at Louis and said,“ Get out of here as soon as possible. You might be dead soon. I am the only one who is still alive here. Nobody knows. Don’t tell him. Shh…” the old man warned. “ Dont tell who? questioned louis. “ you will know soon. Get out of here safely to reach home. Figure out how to escape from the maze. There is a secret way to escape, but I don’t know where it is. Figure it out. I wanted to help you. But nobody cared. Now I am telling you. ESCAPE. Just escape.”

Louis had infinite questions. But he had no time. “ I am sorry. Thank you. Come with me. Let’s go!” The old man smirked and said, “ IMPOSSIBLE. Just run son. Just run. “
Louis hesitated, and had no choice, but to run. He ran wherever he could go. He never stopped. Louis realised the maze never ended.

It went on and on, or maybe he was running around and around. Louis stopped. He walked for a while, and then again stopped. He jumped on where he was. The sound was different compared to the ground. It was a huge ‘ THUD ‘. louis bent down and placed his ears near the ground. His eyes widened. He knew this particular area was different from others. He looked around for any tool that he could find to dig in. There was a rusted rod tangled with blood stained clothing. Louis quickly got up and pushed himself to take out the rod from the cloth.
He tried beating it hard to the ground. It made a greater echoing sound. Then, Louis tried digging with the rod, while his hands helped him too. Finally there he was. There was a round steel door like thing. Louis knew this was the escape route and he used his full power to open the door. The door creaked and louis opened it…

His eyes widened. there was a long creepy path, it looked like no one ever lived there. There was nothing inside. Louis saw a light source in the distance. He closed the door to make sure no one would see.This place was under this ground and nobody knew?Louis was so scared but he had to escape. He slowly moved on, totally terrified…

He went near the light source as soon as possible, so that his fear level would be reduced. As Louis was in the middle of his terrifying journey, he couldn’t hear a single sound.Nobody was around. Now, he was near the light source. It was a fire torch attached to the wall. He took the torch in his hands and moved on. It felt like the path never ended. He couldn’t see the beginning and the end. He was in the MIDDLE of the path, confused.

Louis decided to move on, he knew there would be an end. But his legs were hurting a lot as he roamed around too much. He didn’t give up. He rested in the middle and boosted himself up to go on. Finally he saw the same door again at the other end. Louis felt relieved as he pushed the door open…

He was there. As expected, he was back into his own world. But it looked like he was in a shop. Louis took a long breath and checked around to make sure where he was. He has already seen this shop. He realised he was in a milkshake shop that he used to come after school sometimes. But no one was there in the shop. He looked back, and noticed the door. It vanished… Louis couldn’t believe it. But he didn’t care, he BELIEVED that he was back to his own world. Louis slowly came out of the shop.

It was a normal day with people around. Louis was now the happiest person in the world. He amazingly looked around like he had never seen the real world before. Louis didn’t know where to go, and he remembered that relic’s house was behind the shop. Louis walked 2 streets and was now in front of his friends house. His dead friend’s house…
Louis hesitated. He didn’t know how to inform his parents about relic’s death, but he had to. Louis rang the bell. It was relic’s mom who opened the door. Louis wanted to cry and apologize to her.Louis didn’t see relics mom’s face. He didn’t want to. He couldn’t face her. He held his tears, and with a broken voice Louis started, “ I am sorry, I am really sorry…” Louis started to break down in tears. “ It was not my mistake. Relic was the one. He wanted to go there. I escaped, but relic… I am sorry.”

No one made a noise for a minute. Louis looked up. He was surprised. Relic’s mom had a normal kind face. “ Honey. I think you have mistaken the door. But, it looks like you lost someone. Don’t worry, it will be alright. “ Louis looked confused. “ No! No! I am right. You are relic’s mom. It’s your son! It’s RELIC!! “

She looked worried. “ Is everything okay there, hon? “ It was her husband. Relic’s father. “ There is some kid here. I think he is mistaken.” she replied. “ no! It’s me! Louis, relic’s friend!” Relic’s dad came near the door. “Hey kid, please dont disturb us. We don’t know anything you are saying. Please leave. “ Louis had no choice, but to leave, with tears.
Louis was very confused. He walked a long way. He didn’t know where he was going. All his thoughts were about relic and his parents.He couldn’t believe that his own parents forgot him. That was not possible. Is it maybe that the ones who died in the other world have totally vanished from here?

Louis quickly thought that going back to the maze is the only way he can save relic. His only buddy… Louis bravely ran back to the tunnel. He was tired. He was exhausted. He was in pain. But he ran. He ran, for his only dead friend. He will be back, he believed. He purely believed. He will be back. He will be back for me.