Career opportunities after acquiring bachelors degree in journalism

☆This article is especially for those who consider that journalism is all about NEWS. Actually it’s not…..

In today’s changing world, Journalism and Mass Communication has a very significant role to play in educating and enlightening the masses about the things happening around the world. With the changing economy, increasing news channels, advertising agencies, and radio stations, there are numerous career opportunities for you across the nation and even abroad, if you plan to take up Bachelor of Arts: Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC). You can plan which field to opt for, keeping in mind your area of interest, your communicating & writing skills, the job which will help you upskill  the future scope.

If you aspire to study BJMC, but are uncertain about which career option to choose after completing the course, then consider the various engaging and popular career options as given below.

■Career Options after BJMC:
Talking about the job perspective in Journalism and Mass Communication, then you can prefer to make your career in either Print Media or Electronic Media. While Print Media deals with newspapers, journals, digests, magazines and news agencies, the Electronic Media consists of television, radio, graphics, film events, advertising, corporate communications and the new media.

¤Career Options with Print Media
If you plan to go into the print media field dealing with newspapers, magazines, journals etc. then you can become:


•Correspondent Reporter

•Feature Writer







¤Career Options with Electronic Media:
•Radio Jockey

•Video Jockey



•TV Correspondent

•News Analyst

•Broadcast Reporter


¤Career as a Web Journalist

Moreover, you can also become a Web journalist. As a Web Journalist, your work will be to make news sharp and interesting. Editing and presentation of news, making use of eye-catching captions and key facts will also be a part of your work.

¤Other Career Options after BJMC:
Apart from the media industry and broadcasting career, you can also go for other options such as-•Graphic Designer

•Marketing Manager

•Professor of writing and reporting

•Run own business

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