Dollar bahu

Hello readers.

This book by Sudha Murthy is a fictional novel that revolves around a girl Vinuta. It is a regular novel with good narration. Even though the ending is quite predictable it is a good book to read for all those who likes family drama. The story is comparison between Indian lifestyle and American lifestyle.

The writing style is simple and very easy to follow. The story may not have big twists or interesting turning points, but still they keep you glued to the book till the end. If you like to go on with simple reading I would recommend it. But if you are looking for something good then this book may fall an inch short. These are words for those who are already familiar with Sudha Murthy’s work. But for those who are not, it is quite a wonderful book. I would rate it very good if I had too.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone’s sentiments. As I say in my book reviews: Reading books is magic, it makes you live hundreds of lives in a single one. Or atleast that’s what I believe. Hopefully this book will have an impact and magic you are/ were waiting for.

And Thanks. 😇

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