Five unique jobs no one told you about

If you ask any high school student or a graduate what is their career goal in life, you would get traditional answers like Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, IAS, Banker etc. These are commonly known careers and as such have quite a large competition in the sector. The market is cut throat in these fields and very few manage to land the job of their dreams.

If you are passionate about these fields then more power to you but if not and you are still searching for your true calling then you can try your hands at these rare jobs not many are familiar with.


In other words professional recruiters, they are hired by organizations to hire employees without any advertisement. Finding a perfect candidate for a particular position is quite a hectic task so to save themselves time from interviewing multiple candidates, some companies prefer to hire a headhunter instead. This is mostly done to recruit higher level employees. It can be much more efficient for organizations to hire headhunters to cut down on the time and expense that goes into the recruiting process. To be successful in this field you need to have a strong professional network and a sharp eye for talent so you can shortlist the best available candidate for the job.

Art therapist

Did you know that art can be used as a form of therapy? Yes, this psychology career uses art to reduce person’s stress, anxiety and improve their self esteem. It’s main goal is to serve as a healing process and provide with many other mental health benefits. So, not only do you provide assistance to people in need, you are also doing something different. This can be useful for people who can’t express themselves verbally. If you are searching for interesting careers in psychology, then becoming an art therapist might fit the bill.

Professional Bridesmaid

You heard it right. Not many people think this could be a career option but it is and quite a successful one may I add. Now you may wonder why would anyone need a bridesmaid? Well answer is simple. Planning a wedding could be very tiresome for bride and her bridesmaids so hiring a professional bridesmaid can relieve them of that stress. As a professional bridesmaid your duty may involve Dress shopping, planning bachelorette party, managing guest list, catering, filling in for uneven number of bridal party. If you are a party planner and love weddings then this might just be a good opportunity for you.

Food scientists

Almost every edible item you consume has a good scientist working on it. They make sure that the food tastes delicious while maintaining the nutritional value of it. They are responsible for coming up with delicious flavors as well as different food processing techniques. They also come up with sustainable food items which can be used when the expenses increase every day.

Video game tester

If you are avid gamer you might as well get paid to play it. Tester’s role is to play the games which haven’t been released yet. Your job is to check every element of the game for the developer to make sure there are no glitches or errors.

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