How are we, humans causing endangered species and how can we overcome it by wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation
Are we aware of the amount of deaths and the amount of endangered species around us? And of course, the answer would be an absolute NO. I would not like to include all single human beings, as there are organisations trying to help the species and working on conserving them, but I don’t think they can do it all alone. They need our help. The animals NEED our help.

How are we, humans, causing extinct species?
One of the main reason for extinction is habitat destruction. Humans destroy the habitats of species which cause them to die or suffer.The second main reason would be the diseases causing species to die because of us, example : taking pictures, polluting the area, hunting, deforestation and ect. These activities can be the major reasons for species extinction.

What are the well known critically endangered species? and why?
Amur leopards – being hunted for their fur for coating. it is also said that their habitat are continuously being destroyed – ( human causing )
Black rhino – their horns are being hunted for medicines. – ( human causing )
Hawksbill sea turtle – is being hunted for their shell and also for meat. the jelly fishes, water animals and also the Hawksbill sea turtle are being affected by the plastic covers being thrown on seas – ( human causing )
Mountain gorillas – being extinct due to deforestation also causes to destroy the trees which can be the food for animals – ( human causing )
pangolin – scales of the pangolin are believed that they are used for medical problems.
polar bear – global warming issues – ( human causing )
plants – yes! I would also like to include plants in endangered species. We all know humans are the main reasons for the dying of plants. plants are being dead by deforestation, cutting trees – for wood and paper, and pollution ( water, air, water)
What is India doing?
“India will work with Coalition countries to adopt cleaner energy sustainable production and consumption patterns and environment-friendly transport, agriculture, industry and waste management to promote clean air,” Minister Javadekar said. The central government gives all types of financial literacy and conserving and protecting the wildlife. National ban was imposed on tiger hunting in 1970 and the Wildlife Protection Act became effective in 1972.
countries that are helping the endangered species
The Philippines and Malaysia are trying to shield the animals. Individual European nations are taking actions to help and support their animals.

let’s do it together!
Nothing is impossible!All of us can do it together! There are a lot of tips for us to follow for conserving wildlife. If we follow them continuously we can achieve! The animals can achieve!
Join in organisations or wildlife agencies.
donate and volunteer
Learn about species and animals ( birds ) – increasing our knowledge.
Let’s raise awareness
Build a wildlife garden
let’s stop using products made from animals
Let’s not eat meat or nonveg – try eating a low impact diet.
save energy, save water, save the environment
Avoid plastic
What are we supposed to do? Just… save the animals. save the planet!