The Polar Nights

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You must have heard this phrase somewhere or might also have seen the movie based on the 30 Days of Night but what we all don’t know is that people of that particular place are afraid of facing the continuous period of Polar nights.

The night which doesn’t end and the day which always lasts, yes there are places on our earth giving meaning to something absurd phrases like this also.

Norway, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and many more add up to the list of this unique phenomenon of earth’s tilt.

But, you might not know what all this is about So let me get you through this interesting phenomenon of that visit the same marked places every year.

The Barrow

In the northernmost town of the United States, Alaska is also known as Barrow, which is widely talked about for its extended period of darkness and light as well each year.

The sunsets and rises just once a year in regions of high altitude and near the arctic circles because of the earth’s tilt.

These changes occur when the season changes from fall to spring with the visit of 2 months of darkness enveloped and the same for the summertime of never setting sunlight.

The Scar it has:

Now, imagine the terror of not witnessing the light for straight 66 or 60 days with the tease of sunlight below the horizon.

Yes, it is not as easy as just saying and thinking about it as for, getting immersed in the dark cold, and long night they do need to prepare themselves for any kinds of effects it will have on their physical as mental health.

As the sun is the source of vitamin D, the land for that duration of time also becomes D starved as they don’t witness the warmth of the sun till next year’s month of January.

The people also fear that this straight duration of the polar nights can also make their nightmare of blood-sucking creatures true and alive.

The Beauty it holds

The coin has two-phase so do the polar nights of Alaska, even though people might be getting stuck in the cold and long night for the whole 24hr a day till the next sunrise still the nature has many things to offer.

The amazing and dancing belt of polar light and the sky showering you with the light of millions and billions of stars altogether to celebrate in the only language they know, you can witness something much of worth for these polar nights every year.

In those frigid nights of cold one could see the dazzling ribbons of colored light of Red, Violet, Green, and many more unimaginable combinations.

The Aurora

Last but not least, places like Alaska also give us this dynamic and brilliant skylight stretched far away and yet so near and close that you might think you can touch them by extending your hand.

Nature has everything balanced out even though we might think that having half of the year in darkness and another half in light may be doing unfairness to the equation but it’s not.

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