Have you ever put off your homework till the last minute? Or perhaps studied for the test only a day before? Maybe delayed writing an essay till the last possible hour? All of us are guilty of delaying tasks and putting off important work until a later date.  This is essentially procrastinating. It is the action of purposefully delaying any task or activity. In this procrastination essay, we will see the reasons and the solutions to this problem.

As we will see in this procrastination essay, this is not a rare phenomenon. Almost everyone is guilty of it at some point in their lives. So we ask ourselves this question – why do people procrastinate even when they are so busy most of the time? We live in the 21st century, where time is our most precious commodity. And yet, we waste this precious resource procrastinating our time away.

Procrastination Essay

Why do we Procrastinate?

The reasons for a person procrastinating can be varied. It depends on person-to-person and situation-to-situation. However, there are some universal reasons that cause people to delay their tasks and actions. One of the most important ones is the fear of failure. When a person delays doing an important task or is disinterested in finishing it, the cause could be a deep-rooted fear of failure. It is in human nature to avoid and fear failure. So by choosing to never finish the task, we can avoid the consequences as well.

Another reason is the lack of focus and determination. Feeling directionless and unfocused can often cause people to lose their wills to do their jobs. This leads to procrastination. Sometimes the lack of goals and objectives is also the reason a person loses their focus. Since they do not have an end-goal in mind, they end up wasting energy in other useless tasks.

There are other reasons a person may procrastinate. Sometimes, a person may be too much of a perfectionist. This distracts them from other tasks. And then there are other reasons like laziness, low energy levels, easy distractions, etc.

8 Ways to Stop Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastinating?

While procrastinating is a very natural fault we all share, if it gets out of hand it can get quite troublesome. Excessive procrastination can disrupt your life and cause you to lose control of your schedules and deadlines. So when the procrastination gets out of hand, you need to reign it in and get back in control.

One way to stop procrastinating is to break down the dreaded task into little steps. If the work or the task is too overwhelming, we tend to procrastinate about it. But if the job is broken down, then we can tackle one step at a time without being overwhelmed. You can also create a detailed timetable or a timeline of some sort to help you with the steps.

At other times changing your work environment may be beneficial. It can provide you with the boost necessary to stop procrastinating and finish the task. If possible get a friend or a parent to keep a check on your progress. It helps keep the motivation levels up and encourages you to finish the task on time.

The main concern is not to over-focus or blame yourself for procrastinating sometimes. We are all a victim to procrastination from time-to-time. As long as it does not derail your entire schedule, give yourself a break and just get back to work!

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10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

So why do I still do it? In fact, how come millions of people all over the world procrastinate even when they know they will regret it? More importantly still, is there anything that you can do to stop wasting your time, put an end to your procrastination, and get your work done? I discovered some great trick which helped me stay focused on my work, and saved me the embarrassment of missing crucial deadlines. Find out 10 tricks which helped me stop procrastinating, and can help you as well!

1. Don’t overthink it:
A plan needn’t be perfect. It should just get the work done. Spending hours, days, or even weeks planning something, is only going to cause you endless delays.

2. Don’t wait too long to start:

So you have come up with the perfect plan to do it. Great! So why aren’t you starting? Stop waiting for the perfect moment, there is no such thing. Start today. Start this very instant. You will thank yourself later.

3. Divide and conquer:
If the British could rule over half the world with this strategy, you can certainly use it to get that priority assignment done! Break it down. Start small, and just keep going. Divide, and conquer it all!

4. Stick to your deadlines:
When you set a deadline for yourself, it is somewhat easy to not follow it. Follow them anyway. Make it a habit. Self-discipline is the only way to conquer procrastination.

5. Remove all obstacles:
Whether you are studying or have an important project submission, it is easy to find things to keep you distracted. Identify what these commonly are, and eliminate them before you start work.

6. Work with others:
Teams are made for a reason. They not only reduce your overall work load, they also keep you focused. Work with other people and surround yourself with them. If you have to study, go to the library or the common room.

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7. Broadcast your goals:
Seek support from your friends and let them know what you are trying to do. Tell them your goals. Their positive feedback will inspire you to work harder.

8. Ask an expert:
There will be people who have already achieved what you are trying to do. Seek them out if you can and ask them for the strategy that helped them succeed.

9. Stop making your life difficult:
There is no need to complicate things. Sometimes a task can be very simple, and we just keep making it harder by delaying or not planning properly. Do yourself a favour and simplify your goals whenever you can.

10. Be sure of why you are doing it:
Setting a goal, such as Complete this assignment in 5 hours is a great start. But what is your end goal? How will you benefit? Remind yourself why you are working so hard, and it will help you stay focused.

So now you have my 10 simple ways to get work done. They helped me stop procrastinating and I hope they will help you succeed as well!