A Pipe Dream: Decline of Humanity

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A pipe dream is something for which we are hopeful for but it seems fancy enough to be the reality of the present. 

Does this indicate any incident which is happening right now but all we can do is hope for Pipe Dream to happen?

If you haven’t guessed yet but here I am talking about the Afghanistan crisis, the shift in the power of the country to the Taliban’s clutches.

The power shift, the race of afghans to save their lives everything happened just because a few people decided on their own that it’s time to let people die there, let people run for their lives just because that few people are strong and have power enough to do so or are there any reason behind the pullout?

But before diving into the conclusion, we all need to know some facts and reasons why they did that and even if they did can’t someone help them?

Many questions like this might be arising in many of our minds, So to answer a few and to find more this article is here.

The Story from the beginning

The army of the USA went to Afghanistan in 2001 to get even with the terrorist group involved in the 9/11 attack on Newyork and Washington under the supervision of leader Bin Laden.

Bin Laden was getting protection from the Taliban who were in power since 1996 and that was the point the USA needed to take things into their hand and hence with Nato allies a new government took place in 2004, but still, the Taliban was adamant with the attacks killing many in the process.

With this in 2014, the allies of Nato came to an end, handing over the responsibility to the Afghan army, allowing the Taliban for having more than half control over what was left.

And finally, in 2020 even America decided it’s time to save their troop and people from the Taliban and agreed on withdrawing in return for the safety of Americans and their allies from terrorist attacks in the future.

The turn of the Taliban

Was the Taliban always like this? And if they were always like this how did they had gained this power and why?

They emerged in the civil war of Afghanistan promising a decline in corruption and providing security to the people and just like that they started spreading and till 1998 they were all over the country and had almost complete control over people.

They started enforcing many rigid laws for men and women and even TV, music, and cinema all were banned.

And just like this, it was the rise of the fall of civil rights of people of Afghans.

The Catastrophe

The president of the US Mr. Joe Biden decided to plow away all the troops from the Afghans in the name of relocating their troops where they are needed most and where they can strengthen the USA army.

According to him, they were in Afghanistan to take revenge for the 9/11 attack and not to make any relation there and so now this will be the decision of the Afghans to decide what future they want for their own country and they will have to work for their self.

The catastrophe, the people of Afghans are being subject to is very near even though president Joe Biden believes that they have equipped and trained enough soldiers for this fight against the Taliban, the stats and predictions are predicting the fall of the Afghanistan army by the end of 6 months after the removal of army troops.

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