Baby Driver is some of the most fun I had watching a big summer blockbuster movie since John Wick. Edgar Wright is able to craft a riveting storyline that actually makes sense and conveys this narrative in an extremely stylish and exciting manner. First of all, Edgar Wright is one of the few people working in Hollywood today who knows how to helm an action sequence. On top of the action being extremely well directed with minimal cuts and long takes, everyone single action scene is well choreographed to match the music in the background, which still bemuses me of how good it is. The movie is also extremely fast-paced and you never really get bored throughout this movie.

Another thing that Edgar Wright did so well is developing the characters and their motivations. As I have already said, this movie is extremely fast-paced but Edgar Wright clever utilizes this short time to add more depth to the characters. At times you could definitely tell where the movie is headed to but the way it gets there is always very interesting and actually makes the movie unpredictable. The last thing I would like to praise the movie for is the use of practical effects, namely in its car chasing sequences. You could tell that there was a lot of effort put into all of the car’s chase sequences and the movie uses amazing camera work to follow the car to make it feel more realistic and immersive.

Though there is a lot I liked about this movie I definitely do not think that this is a flawless masterpiece. Most of the issues stem from the relationship between Baby and Debora. Debora is a character that is extremely thinly crafted and acts and behaves in a certain just to drive the plot along. The same can also be said about Kevin Spacey’s character who to just completely flips character during the third act of the film.

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