Heat no doubt is one of the best crime dramas I have ever seen. It pits probably two of the greatest actors of our generation against each other to produce what I can only call a masterpiece. The rivalry between the two most definitely carries the movie through its two hours forty-five-minute run time. This is a very different kind of movie as opposed to the normal glamour or glory associated with other heist movies. It focuses more on its characters and there are actually very few scenes pertaining to heisting. Right from the opening scene, the movie establishes itself as a serious crime drama and takes its time in setting up its main characters, with both Robert De Niro’s and Al Pacino getting an equal amount of screen time. And this is especially important as I was ambivalent on who to root for since the movie explores these two characters so well and makes us understand what these two characters are going through.

What stood out to me the most was definitely the cinematography, almost every single scene felt so palpable and I still remember most of them vividly, especially the night ones. I could also appreciate how some of the shots were helmed with long takes panning across the characters and some clever cuts. The score for this movie is also really good and it is also used sparingly so it is not overbearing. I rarely ever talk about sound mixing but I thought I would mention it as it makes the movie feel rawer, thus enhancing its immersive experience. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the screen time is dedicated towards the individual characters, while I enjoyed Val Kilmer’s and Al Pacino’s character growth, I personally was not all that invested in De Niro’s love life and the whole ordeal seemed to just slow the movie down, although, it has more payoff toward the end.

This is an extremely riveting movie that I could see myself regularly rewatching despite its long run time.

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