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Remember Something, or felt something? Or the memories of primary days of Hindi classes? If yes, then let me tell you the story of this Indian Poetess who wasn’t just dedicated to her literature and poems but also she was the first Satyagrahi to get an order of court arrest during our fight for freedom.

She wrote many poems which moved millions of hearts from its feeling of patriotism that she was able to awake in people through her writings.

The poetess wrote this down by remembering the sacrifices and courage of yet another freedom fighter but today it feels like she was defining herself too through the blend of different words under the impression of bravery and courage of Jhansi Ki Rani.

Shubharda Kumari Chauhan 

Today on the 16th of Aug, this day is celebrated as the 117th birth anniversary of Indian Poetess Mrs. Shubhadra Kumari Chauhan Ji.

She was a writer with a promising future and great importance even in the era wherein India there was male dominance in every field out there.

She was born in Nihalpur village in Allahabad (Prayagraj) and she started her first fight against Britishers at the age of 9 by writing a poem full of patriotism and inspiration to come forward and fight along with every Indian out there to restore India’s Independency.

To overcome every boundary

Being a dedicated wife and all above being a woman didn’t ever hinder the path of her tremendous willpower to always fight for her Country alongside everyone.

She took part in many marches alongside Gandhi Ji and even discarded every point of view that can differentiate people based on caste, creed, etc. 

Even though she was sent to Jail she continued her participation in the activity of freedom and contributed her part nevertheless.

The Calls

She was always enthusiastic and eager to help others and motivate them to help for the Country’s cause. She called for people’s unity and help through her poem and as result, the poem of this poetess now is of great Importance in Hindi literature.

She even took an active part in National Indian Movement resulting in inspiring many more women especially when she overcome the society norms, hardships and contributed her part as an independent individual.

She published many poems and short stories around 100 in number during her awakening of patriotism in countrymen and made many revolutionary statements too.

She lives 

After one year of our independent India our poetess, our warrior, and yet another one of our gems gone away too soon.

Once she was returning from an event in Nagpur the poetess met with a car accident resulting in the passing away of our first-ever woman Satyagrahi.

Even though her body passed away and her soul reached the height of salvation yet she lives through her writing, she is living through every young mind who all are getting inspired by her writing even at this modernized age of thoughts.

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