Dangerous spiders species on the globe

Spiders are dangerous or can be said extremely dangerous but not all. Some are dangerous and deadly for humans too.

Spiders are arthropods having eight legs. They are able to inject venom. They are the largest order of arachinds. Spiders are found world wide on every continent except Antarctica.

1) Wolf spider

Wolf spider are family of Lycosidae. Their eyesight is excellent, their uniqueness is that they don’t spin webs. They hunt alone. They inject venom directly in to their prey’s body. Symptoms of their bite include swelling, mild pain, itching. They are found in Australia and South America.

2) False widow spider

False widow spider is also known as noble false widow in United Kingdom. They are popular for biting humans in uk but their bite just have symptoms as similar to bee or wasp. They are considered as the dangerous species in Europe. Their venom has the power to induce neuromuscular paralysis, extreme pain and can be fatal.

3) Black widow spider

Black widow spider are found in America, Newzealand and southern Africa. The females are black coloured sometimes it may be lighter with red colour. They have hourglass shape. Their venom has latrotoxin which means their bites are dangerous causing severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps, musle spasm. Symptoms last for 3-7 days. In US each year about 2,200 people are being bitten by black widow, some bite need no medical attention as no venom has been injected in that bite.

4) The Brazilian wandering spider

The Brazilian wandering spider are dangerous but has medical significance too. They use their venom to usually attack their prey. Due to their wandering nature they are considered as dangerous.

5) Funnel web spider

Funnel web spiders are found in Australia. They are mostly deadly as well as most medically significant. Their venom is really toxic. Bites from this spider has reported 13 deaths in Sydney from which 7 were children.

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