Social issue : What is a crime?

A crime is an offence that merits community condemnation and punishment usually by way of fine imprisonment. This is different from a civil wrong, which is an action against on individual that requires compensation or seized to pay a debt. There are lots of different types of crime and nearly everyone will experience a crime at some point in their lives. One in five people are affected by crime every year. It affects people from all background, location and ages.


  1. Physical act : This is the physical act or lack of action that make up the criminal act itself. A crime must be committed with voluntary actions. One can judge the person on the basis of their physical act.
  2. Mental state : In many cases, a person’s mental state maybe taken into consideration when deciding if they are guilty of a crime. The defendant must have committed the crime with a culpable state of mind.
  3. Causation: Causation has to do with the actions of the accused and the result of those actions. It must be clearly established that the defendant’s actions directly harmed or victimized someone
  4. Attendant circumstances : Attendant circumstances are the facts involved in an event. If a person was accused of abusing a nursing home patient the age and medical condition of the victim would be part of attendant circumstances.

Types of crime :

It is also important to know that how many types of crime are there and should be considered and are punishable under the law. Same of them are Child Abuse, Cyber crime, Domestic violence, Fraud, Modern slavery, Hate crime, Burglary, Arson, Murder and Manslaughter, Robbery, Rape and sexual assault, Violent crime, Terrorism and Stalking and harassment.

Through this article we will get to know the exact meaning of crime and can differentiate between what is acceptable as a crime and what is not. The above mentioned types are crime are very familiar with the people nowadays but it is the time to know that if it is a crime , strict action must be taken otherwise this will never stop. People should understand that crime is done by the accused person not the person who is victim. It is not the duty of the court or the lawyers to tell whether the crime has been committed or not but the duty of the normal individual too that if he sees it gets to know about such any crime the victim must be saved immediately and necessary action must be taken. A life will be saved if we are aware about the facts and knowledge.

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