You are the best….

These books below are by: Ajay K Pandey

Sequel: 1

Ajay believes in living for himself; Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life; Bhavna makes him live in every moment. You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at the world and the way the world looks at them. Until destiny reveals its plans. This is a true inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life, after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. But her last words, ‘you are the best husband’ gave him the strength to live on, and fulfil his promise of love. Told with frankness and doses of humor, this heartwarming tale of a boy and a girl who never gave up on their love in face of adversities, ends on a bittersweet and poignant note as Ajay comes to terms with the biggest lesson life has to offer.

Every person’s life ends the same way. It’s only the details of how he/she lived that distinguish one person from another

You are the best wife (Ajay K Pandey)

It is based on a true story. It has a sequel too. This story has a sad and an emotional ending. But the whole story ends at the book 2.


Ajay has lost his wife and is deep in depression. No amount of medication or therapy seems to help him as he struggles with his grief. He has only one wish—he wants to immortalize his wife. Then, he meets Anisha, who is shocked at Ajay’s hatred towards God. How can a person hate God? Where would that hatred lead him? Anisha is ready to judge Ajay harshly, when a simple, caring and guileless gesture changes her perception of him. So begins the journey of two people who are poles apart. A journey which will change their outlook towards life. A bittersweet tale, told very simply, by a man who lost everything, except his ability to find humour in the world. This is the story of Ajay who finds a second lease of life. What helps him? A friend? Or the love that he finds again?

This is the sequel of “ You are the best wife”. This book has a happy ending.

Both of these books are meant to read. If you read one and leave the other, the story will be incomplete. The story is written completely from heart and soul and directly touches your heart. These books inspire you to believe in yourself and fulfill your dreams.

The first sequel will make you tear up and the second will bring peace to it. You will start to value and celebrate every moment with your loved ones. This story will touch deep down your heart and make an impact. The characters are described in a detailed wonderful way.

I recommend these books to those who believe in love stories. For those who believe in LOVE. It is a sentimental story but effective one. Worth all the time you spend on reading.

Like I say : Reading books is magic, it makes you live hundreds of lives in a single one. Or atleast that’s what I believe. Hopefully this book will have an impact and magic you are/ were waiting for. I’ll take a leave.

And Thanks. 😇