1.A Gift of Independence-

What better than THE EMPIRE WRITES BACK TO CENTRE could describe India’s triumph against England.CREATORS OF CRICKET lost to INDIA on the HOME OF CRICKET that too the eve being Independence Day.I could never witness India’s independence from Britishers but i got to witness this historic win of India against England at Lord’s.A feeling of Euphoria made it’s place in the heart of every Indian and what could be a better gift to your country than defeating the ones who ruled for over 200 years.India could not have asked for a better gift than this and hail our cricketers for giving us a reason to be proud.

2.This is new India, ye ghar me ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi-

A cliché that India cannot perform well overseas was shattered and it is not for the first time but previously in The Border Gavaskar trophy India was tattered and without it’s permanent captain but the way the last test was drawn was magical . It was not easy for them fighting against Australia in Australia without their permanent captain and the best player Of the World.Still they fought, they took blows, sat in pain after the Short Pitch balls were fired by Aussies but never surrendered.But the historic partnership of Ashwin and Vihari which was of 42 overs handled the situation well and the match was drawn.And the crowd got to witness same type of partnership from Bumrah and Shami in Ind Vs Eng.This tells the depth in our batting and how the tailenders can turn tables at most unfortunate times.

3.India’s bowling attack-

India is much more stronger and reliable both in Batting and Bowling.It was batting that all were satisfied with and now India’s bowling lineup seems to be the best in the world. From an all-spin attack on the 1971 tour of England – comprising Bedi, Chandra & Venkat – to an all-pace attack on the 2021 tour of England – comprising Bumrah, Ishant, Shami & Siraj – India’s bowling has come a long way indeed as the country celebrates fifty years of winning their first Test series on English soil.

4.Best Batting line-up-

India doesn’t rely on Virat Kohli alone and that’s another positive message coming from the recent performance.Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul had a great partnership during the first innings that made India stretch upto 350+ mark.Ajinkya Rahane delivered a great knock of 61 during the second innings and Jadeja too performs when the team needs him.

5.The fitness and the approach of India-

The players have become a lot more aggressive, fearless, positive and refusing to take anything lying down. Look at the fitness of each and every player. Especially the fast bowlers. It’s the fitness aspect which is pushing the players and deliver, junior or senior players. That’s what we saw at Lord’s.

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