3 Most important time management techniques

Everyone gets 24 hours a day but those who have ability to get maximum out of these 24 hours are classified as successful. Time management is the key to convert 24 hours into 25 hours. In simple words time management is process of organizing and dividing your time into various activities.

It’s about simplifying how you work and getting things done better and faster. It’s about working smarter. It is a game of choices. You have to make a choice about how you want to use your precious time. So if you are interested in improving your time management skills, check out these cool techniques.

Eat that frog

Brian Tracy says “You cannot eat every tadpole and frog in the pond. But you can eat the biggest and ugliest one, and that will be enough, at least for the time being.”

Identify your most important task of the day, this is your frog. It is the most impactful task of your day so begin your day by tackling this frog. Start this work and do this without any interruptions. This will bring an early win in your day which will build the momentum and sense of accomplishment.

But what if you have multiple frogs? Eat the biggest frog first. So instead of doing easy tasks first, do the difficult ones.

The Pomodoro technique

It is one of the most simple yet effective time management technique. This technique forces you to do single task so that your brain can focus on only one thing at a time as switching between tasks reduces productivity.

According to this technique turn off all distractions and set a timer for 25 minutes. During that time you will only focus on that work. After 25 minutes take a break of 5 minutes. After repeating this process for 4 times, take a long break.

The reason why it is successful is that it creates a sense of urgency as you have only 25 minutes to make as much progress as you can. Also it forces you to take a break which keeps you fresh throughout the day.

The Eisenhower Matrix

Prioritizing your tasks is a crucial part of time management as you may be spending hours doing useless things. The Eisenhower Matrix( urgent-important matrix) helps you in discovering your important tasks.

This matrix divides all your tasks into 4 quadrants:

  1. Urgent and important: These are the most important tasks of your day. You have to do these tasks at any cost. This quadrant include crisis and deadline driven tasks.
  2. Not urgent and important: These are important tasks but can be delegated like business planning, building relationships. As these tasks are not urgent you can schedule them in near future.
  3. Urgent and not important: These are tasks like interruptions, non important email etc. As these tasks are not important delegate them instead of completing them now.
  4. Non important and non urgent: These tasks are distractions and time wasters like playing video games. Just eliminate these tasks and focus on important ones.

To make this matrix, write down all your task and insert each task in respective quadrant. To be more productive spend more time on Not urgent but important activities as these tasks are meaningful to you but not urgent.

So these are some time management techniques, try to implement them every morning and get the best out of your precious time.