Is the world becoming a meme?

I feel in today’s time, you are truly successful if a meme is based on you.
Made this meme as soon as I decided to write on this topic.

What is a meme?

The word meme is the short form of greek word mīmēma which means ‘imitated thing’. According to Wikipedia, a humorous image, video or text that is copied and rapidly spread by the internet users. It has become a lifestyle through which people give out their creativity. The reason it has become so popular is the connection viewers feel between them and the events portrayed.
With the rise in meme culture, meme makers that are known as memers have increased incredibly since, its not a tough task to make a meme, but being consistent and up to date is an important and must to have skill. With the decline in humour of COMEDY industry memes have come as life saviors.

How it came into existence

Memes have literally evolved with the internet and they became a thing in the mid 1990s. Memes in the form of short clips were shared by peope in usenet forums. People put their humor into the right place or as we see a right template. Earlier they were shared via mails, messages or even newspapers and as the electronics took over social media became a meme hub. It has become an important aspect of marketing strategy. Whenever a movie is about to be released, memes related to it are all over the internet, a very smart move by the marketing people because what’s better than meme when you want your stuff to be known by the audience.

Pros of meme

Meme shared by Dominos_india on twitter.
  1. Gives us a reason to SMILE: Feeling bored? Scroll through social media memes. Sad? Obviously memes!! Sometimes we are feeling down and really have someone to talk to, thats when people start looking for relatable things and memes provide them the feeling of satisfaction that there are others just like us, who go through similar things. They are meant to be funny even with the darkest of humor.
  2. A source of income: Big brands like Domino’s, IPL, are hiring professionals memers for their marketing. It helps them in popularity and also gives their fans a chance to interact with them via internet. Not only brand but celebrities share memes nowadays. Big meme pages get paid promotions regularly. Meme accounts, which these people started a few years ago have become a good source of income for them.
  3. A link between friends: You can’t talk to your friends everyday but you can share memes. Sharing memes has become a trend. There are groups for this single purpose where this small happiness is shared everyday and people connect to each other without having a proper conversation.
  4. Free of cost! This is the best thing about memes. You can get them anywhere and anytime without spending a single penny. Who doesn’t like to get things free?
pic courtesy: pinterest

According to psychologist paul Thagard in a 2013 web article, memes are not a good way to express extreme thoughts.

Cons of memes

  1. Offensive: memes that are funny to some might be offensive to others. With time they have become controversial, though hurting other’s sentiments should be avoided but you never know what can hurt people. This offensive side of meme culture gets unnoticed. People don’t understand the depth of it.
  2. Negativity: lately everything that goes viral becomes a meme and with it goes hate. People hate on others who they dislike or disagree with. For example, few days ago a lady was seen slapping a guy and soon as the matter was discovered, people got their fresh meme material much of which was funny but a small portion if it was purely bad taste. Abusing or hating should never be considered right in memes.
  3. Short lived: memes get famous for a short period of time and are replaces by others as soon as something new comes in market. They are forgotten easily and sometimes you just get bored of them because there are so many similar memes they don’t appeal to us the same way others do.


Despite the pros and cons, it’s important for the public especially youngsters to understand that memes are just a means of making people laugh but within the limits. We need to understand that mocking others or using the memes to laugh on sensitive topics should be avoided. There have been many incidents in the past where people have made meme without acknowledging the seriousness of the matter. Just yesterday I saw a meme on people who got killed by clinging to the plane in Afghanistan.
On the other hand there have been cases where memes have saved people in their gloomy days. And they have also been helpful in spreading information on a wide scale. We get the news of an earthquake from meme fater than the media. Funny but true.
Meme culture can have repercussions on our mental well being, it affects the way we see our society and sometimes stops us from changing by approving our toxic traits.

Let’s not make this world a meme and keep it real. Laugh at funny but be serious when required. Laughing about negative aspects of human life is not ok. Making memes on suicide, depression and other such matters is not ok. Turning these serious matters into trivial ones is not ok!! Let’s enjoy memes that are really funny and within the limits.

On a lighter note…

Pic courtesy: HumorNama