Why you should include push ups in your workout routine?

Push-up is a evergreen exercise in the evolving fitness world. Many new exercises emerges and many disappears but push-up is right there enhancing everyone’s gain. Here’s some motivation to include push-ups in your workout routine.

Compound movement

It simply means that they targets activate multiple muscle groups at time instead of targeting muscles in isolation. Like bicep curls target only biceps but push-ups target whole upper body. Push-ups performed with correct technique chest, triceps, core, anterior shoulders etc. It maximizes your training efficiency. If you are skinny guy with ectomorph body type, focus on compound movements like push-ups to stimulate muscle growth.

Measure of cardiovascular health

According to a study by Jama network, men who could complete at least 40 push-ups under 30 seconds were at a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attack and heart failure. It means more push-ups you can do, the more likely your cardiovascular health is good.


If you can’t even do a single traditional push-up, no need to worry as there are many variations of this exercises and you can perform variation which suits your fitness level. Pushups can be modified up to 100 variations. If you are a beginner and find normal push ups very hard, start with wall push ups and than move to tougher variations like decline push up, knee push up and normal push up. Also there are many variations available for pros like one hand push ups.

No equipment needed

Push ups are a great way to challenge yourself without spending a single cent. While many exercises requires equipment like dumbbells and barbells, but that’s not the case with push ups. There’s always a push up variant to challenge your body irrespective of your fitness level. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

Helpful in improving posture

It is a great posture improving exercise. If done with proper form, push ups can help you in getting a proper posture helping in putting us in a good positioning instead of being hunched over or looking down. So to save your back bone, do push ups daily.

Beneficial for core and upper body and bones

Generally push ups are considered as an exercise for our limbs. But many people don’t know that they help in strengthening your core stabilization muscles. These muscles are foundation of any strength work we do and kay factor in getting stronger. They are also a great exercise to improve upper body strength. They will you in getting bigger and stronger chest biceps , triceps , shoulders and upper back. Also few pushups a day will keep your bone doctor away. They build bone density which prevents from osteoporosis specially for women.

They are empowering

As stated earlier push ups help in strengthening upper body. Big and strong upper body will make you feel more strong confident and capable. The fact that you can push your own body weight up off of the ground and hold yourself up is incredible—and something we should all aspire to do!

So next you do a workout, try to include any variation of push ups.

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