Story of MBA Chaiwala

After reading the title you must be laughing at it but it the story of an entrepreneur or I could say a success entrepreneur who was struggling with himself and came up with this idea which proved a billion dollar deal to him. I know you would be interested to know the name and his journey but she journey is not always easy. Like there is a saying that life is not a bed of roses and that is applied here.

As I was going with my YouTube videos I saw a video of Prafull Billore yeah that’s the name and the thing which attracted me was the name MBA Chaiwala. It’s sound very funny but when I watched the video and the journey of him I was inspired. Like what a deal and what an inspiration one could get from him.

He was planning and decided to MBA like any other individual would go with giving the entrance exams and clearing it with good marks. But the idea was struck into his mind if starting his own business and then opened a roadside thela in Ahemdabad along with the utensils of chai that he bought in 45 days. He dropped from his college and started his business with his job also. He worked at a restaurant where he served burgers and that’s where he got the inspiration of his own food business.

The name was thought to be unique as in India customers come if the name is unique only. So it was named as Mr Billore A’bad Chaiwala. At chai point customers come ,have a cup of tea and forgets about their worries for sometime. Chai is a stress buster for us indeed.

Now he is well known name for the people and the network has become stronger . I’m sure that after reading the story of this startup you must also be thinking about it. Hope you will like reading it and I will try to bring more stories like this for my readers. Have a great day.

Thank you!!

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