World Sanskrit day

The day which revives the language Sanskrit. Today is World Sanskrit day which is also known as vishwa sanskrita dinam. Sanskrit is not only just a language but a tradition of India. It is the oldest languages in the world. The mother to all languages which lost its importance in this modern world. Sanskrit language is the soul of India and considered as one of the most sacred language.This year the event is celebrated on August 22, 2021.

Sanskrit is not only the language to be spoken but it has a religious importance too. The Vedas has Sanskrit shlok, epic books such as the Ramayan and the Mahabharata are written and scripted in Sanskrit. Most of the puranas of Hindu tradition are having detail written in Sanskrit language. Hinduism contains majority shlok in Sanskrit language only which have a perfect and divine meaning. It is celebrated on the shravani purnima in the month of shravan according to Hindu calendar. Sanskrit language is considered to be the language of gods and sages.

It is the official language of Uttrakhand and different programs are being organised to promote the language. It involves lectures which must be included in the normal lives to be connected with the nature. Sanskrit week is celebrated at national level to know and revive our mother language. Different types of competition like kavi sammelan, debates, poetry are performed in Sanskrit.

Not only at national but the day is celebrated internationally also and people are recognising the concept and tradition of Sanskrit in modern life. It also emproves the pronouncing ability of the individual. In yoga Sanskrit shloks are recited so as to understand the concept and connect with the power of it. Even Sanskrit teachers are hired at higher posts to teach Sanskrit as a language to their kids.

As an Indian we should try to know and promote it to our future generations too. The language can be tough yet beautiful.The language is spoken by not reading the words but by learning and understanding it by heart. I hope this information was useful for you.

Hope you will like it. Thank you!!

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