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Have you ever thought like me that what if there is another me out there somewhere who might be designing the dress like a designer that I always wanted to choose in this timeline?

We always think of many outcomes when we are going to make a choice or select any path but what if the choices we are not choosing are still being lived through by many of me or you’s out there in the multiverse?

The idea of this phenomenon’s mere possibility has left us humans amazed every time we think of it, isn’t it?

Many researchers and scientists have buckled up their sacks to go to the point of its truth but even though merrier the number we are still lacking in the reality of its virtue.

Are we living in our universe bubble, which could be just a part of many more bubbles out there?

Universe, if we are talking just about 1 universe and even in that to it will contain hundreds or thousands of billions, millions galaxy, can you imagine the element space we are referring to here?

If not then come along with us and explore this unimaginably big of our universe we call home.

The Real from Reel

The idea of the multiverse and the idea of living the life of our infinite number of possibilities have always inspired people to merge all in the fantasy to let our hero be the one and all for us girls to swoon over right.

Aside from the reel, our scientists have always supported this fact that might be not close but far away somewhere where we are not able to reach yet can be the same world like ours sustaining the life and being the odd one out in that universe.

From the highlights of the Big Bang Theory and  String Theory, we have found that the universe was never constant as you can’t tell about its actual size from one static point as it is always expanding.

The universe where we are resing today is the result of the explosion of matter in every direction where when the expansion stopped then the flood of matter and waves of radiation started the formation of our present-looking universe.

The process of inflammation suggests that when the expansion stopped in the verse of this universe another started as we don’t know the end of the limits of the Big Bang explosion.

The very same starting of another verse could be our clue that there might be another universe and us out in the multiverse.

Inflammation and Mirror World

Think of the inflammation as the ball which is rolling from the top of the hill but as the ball keeps on expanding and running down the hill, the energy it has stored to even let the event occur on the top of the hill then as it precedes to come down then we can say at one point if it reaches the flat surface then it would have stopped the expansion and it will be static and we can say there will be yet another ball rolling down the hill to show the process of inflammation for another Mirror universe.

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