Value of games and sports

Today’s topic is the value of games and sports in current world. You all have heard the popular saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There are different kinds of games like indoor and outdoor games. Games and sports are very important in regular life. They give a kind of exercise to the body.

Games and sports are very useful for students. A person becomes active through games and sports. Interest and care is developed through games and sports. Students generally live and work in a same room and do mental labour. Physical activities are very necessary for the proper growth of the body. They make us active and healthy.

In this age of smart phones and gadgets, everybody is busy playing games on them but this is not good for physical and mental health. People work hard during the day time. They get tired and feel dullness. Games and sports give them relief and pleasures after work. Playing games on devices is much better than playing games in the ground.

Games and sports make us discipline. Players have to follow certain rules in all games and sports. The referee’s decision is final on the playground. Rules make the game more interesting and competitive. It has a healthy impact on the team. Team work is important and is the duty of each player to support and cooperate with each other.

In a game, the whole team plays likes a single man. The success of players is the success of the whole team. They forget their personal gain. So, Games and sports make the players good citizens. It is important to participate in the games. And you can understand the importance of games and sports in world level games like championships, Olympics and many more.

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