Feminism in India

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”-Gloria SteinemSo, what is feminism? Feminism is an action of the society to bring rights to women and treat them equally regardless of their gender. Feminism is not something that should be endorsed by a woman only ,it can be carried forward by a man too. As said by G.D Anderson,” Feminism isn’t about making women strong, women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceive that strength.” The fact itself is so confusing to understand the imbalance between two genders despite of any human being who is born with the same type of skin and color of blood. A woman deserves the same respect a man has without facing the question about their gender. Needless to say , patriarchy runs deep in our Indian society . A woman is forced to feel weak and small in front of a man and enforced to stay within a certain boundary. The long injustice in the name of gender has led to the topic of  feminism.
The importance of feminism in India is utmost. History has been an evident of feminism culture and its significance. The first and the foremost reason to bring this revolution is to change the mentality and to achieve a society free from male dominance. It has been a long battle for women to fight for their rights even if it’s about their decision. It is sad that till today a girl has to accept a man as her husband without her consent. A married woman is forced to do the household work and do not have the right to have a job hand in hand. Feminism plays an important part in the society because it demands equality among genders. Every year lakhs of female fetus get buried due to the burden of carrying a responsibility and the fear of giving dowry in marriage. Do you know Indian culture also discriminate working profession in regard of gender? Yes, in the past women could only do a job if that is approved by the male society and not judged by her talent. Feminism helps to remove such inequality. Today because people are giving importance to it, women like Mirabai Chanu and Lovlina Borgohain could outshine in their own field. No doubt with different kind of body framework and organs women have to undergo certain changes to meet the reproductive life. Menstruation is a big taboo, where women are considered impure during period cycle. Also there needs to have a stoppage of peoples hindering nature. Needless to say, women sometimes give rise to the inequality they once suffer from. Her mother-in-law force her to behave in a certain way, to cover her face whole life, to dress decently and ultimately it turns to be a social practice in a community.With change in generation and people advancing mindset things are changing and women are getting their rights. Topics like women empowerment, Beti bachao Beti padhao making people aware of the crucial role of a woman in balancing the atmosphere. Now a days, highly restricted states like Haryana is producing Miss world, wrestler like Geeta Phogat and Nirmala Devi. With the hope that one day the country would be free of gender inequality. Thus, people need to carry this journey forward and bring a change where both men and women could walk in the street without having the fear of getting killed or molested as a girl rather with the feeling safety to chase their dreams.


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