A faithful friend: Dogs

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

A friend is someone who can take us from a bad day at work to a crazy day at the breaks, so what if you can find this type of friendship in every relationship you have around yourself?

Won’t it be a good day start when you have someone to come home for aside from your parents and spouse of course?

That friend, the same friend you can find in the name of the species we call animal but wait why in that category if we could have one in human only right? You must be thinking about this so don’t worry let me answer this for you.

Right away in the article!

Packed Answers

We might think that as we humans are superior species then we can’t get anything out of those animals but it’s not all true though you might think you know everything about the tail, it’s contrary to the truth and there might be few facts about the faithful friend here I am referring that can leave you in awe with it.

So, here are few facts that can leave you surprised and might be you will be going for the adoption of another one of faithful friends after knowing these.

  • Be aware: Though it may sound gibberish but your dog or any dog can sense the difference in the time. They can even predict with regular practice of the same event that this is going to happen without you telling them about it.
  • They feel: A study has shown that even dogs can tell the difference in your affection meter as you behave with other creatures and they can become jealous of that creatures as well.
  • As smart as “US”: In Russia, even stray dogs are learning to ride subways and they carefully stop at the desired location in search of food as we all do in the search of jobs or any other task.
  • Carrying from the past: when it was not so normal to breed dogs as pet dogs used to stay in wild and from that they have learned this thing we see today in them when they curl up and sleep to protect their internal organs.
  • Sniffing it all: The power or strength of the sniffing over of the dogs are on the other level, according to some studies they can sniff the cancer cells production in our body as they release different types of waste and it can be sniffed by the dog if they are trained enough.
  • Alignment with magnetic field: Don’t be too shocked if you find your dog being picky for pooping as they tend to discrete the waste out of their system by finding the place in perfect alignment with the magnetic field of the earth.
  • Unique Print: Just like us humans they also have something unique other than height weight and appearance to brag about. They have a unique nose print that stays always wet as they can sniff all the scents around them or almost anything they can sniff.

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