India’s Mountains and Rivers 🇮🇳

So time to value our natural resources. Today we will know about the Mountains and Rivers of India. Great poets have sung songs in the praise of mountains and rivers of India. They are a boon for us. The rivers and mountains are source of great pride and joy for every Indian. India is blessed with the natural beauty as a whole which makes it different from other countries.

If we look at the map of the country, we find long ranges of mountains in the North. They are the Himalayas .They remain covered with snow throughout the year. They have some of the highest peak of the world. In Central India also we find big mountains. They are the Vindhyanchal and Satpura range. They separate Southern and Northern India. Besides these, Araveli and Nilgiri Hills are slow famous.

Mountains are useful from various points of view. First the high Himalayas are called “The Sentry of India ” they are so high that go enemy could invade India by crossing them. So they are like a natural wall which separates India from Tibet. Sharpa Tenzing an Indian citizen was the first to conquer the highest mountain peak of the world MOUNT EVEREST. He made history and so did Bichendri Pal the first woman to conquer this peak.

Like mountain and their ranges, our rivers are also world famous and well known. In the North, we have the Ganga (Ganges), the Yamuna, the Brahmaputra and their numerous tributaries, the Ganga is regarded as sacred by the Hindus and thus called Ganga Maa. South has famous rivers like Krishna, Kaveri, Narmada. Many of our big cities are situated on the banks of these rivers. Varanasi, Haridwar and Allahabad are important pilgrimage sites.

Rivers and mountains are real wealth of the country. Thanks to them. We are sure to make great progress in the near future. These natural resources should be fully utilised according to the necessary needs and try to save them. Hope you will like reading it.

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