Today’s article is about books. We all know that man is social in nature and can’t live alone . A company is needed at times . He wants a friend who may share his joys and sorrows. But in the modern age man has grown selfish and tries to serve his own interests. At that time a traditional company can be beneficial. Yes they are books. Books are our best companion and we know that there are no complains and no demands from them…. Hahaha but apart from jokes book is proved to be our best friend.

Books take us into a different world of imagination. They give us plenty of joy and improve our standard of living. They tone up our intellectual taste they make our outlook broad. They encourage us at our worst times, doesn’t make us feel depressed and inspire us to work hard with hope and courage. Books enrich our experience and sharpen our intellect. They remove our ignorance and add to our knowledge.

It is important to differentiate between good and bad books as bad books ruin our intellect and may mislead or misguide and that will not be beneficial. We must try to read good and inspiring books that make our mind to think about that in our way. The book reading time must be fully utilised and must be understanding. A good book is our ‘ friend, philosopher and guide ‘.

I would also like to review a book that I have read. The book is well known to you ‘SITA – The Warrior of Mithila ‘by the author ‘Amish ‘. It changed the whole thinking about Sita and I must suggest that you should also read it once. She was not only a princess, a wife, a daughter in law but much more than that. She lived as a warrior in disguise. She was talented, calm, intelligent and a pious. A woman should consider her as her own ideal.

A well read man is loved by all. He is a store house of information and can give extraordinary facts what he has understand by reading several books. Books are of different kinds. A general reader likes to read books of general nature. They give us knowledge and pleasure.

Thank you and yes keep reading..!!!

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