System to think? Dowry system

So my another article is about a well known evil practice of society, dowry system. It the most common problem in every family whether it’s the poor, middle or rich class of the society. The marriage is considered as business and terms and conditions are mentioned. It sounds like a contract, the better the boy and family is, the higher is the price.

The history of dowry system is old. At the time of marriage of a daughter, the presents are given as dowry to her husband and family so that she can live happily there with all the luxuries and comforts. But unfortunately it has turned into an ugly and unfair practice.

One of the worst part of this practice is that if a girl brings less dowry she is harassed by her husband and in laws of the family. No one supports her at that time and the girl takes major steps which can risk her life. Most of the girls try to hide this from their parents so that they don’t get tense about the situation and handle everything alone. Parents are even pressurised to fulfill the demands from time to time.

The custom of dowry has crossed every barrier and has got it’s roots in the society. Although there are strict laws which have been made and imposed on the culprits too but people are not taking it as a lesson in their lives. Many ngo and women organization are also working for the enforcement of these laws strictly and encouraging the women to speak up.

We as the citizens, marching towards the new millennium, should also strive for the discontinuation of this evil practice. The boys should try to change the mindset of the families that marriage can’t be done as business and girls should try to make understand their parents that dowry is an unfair practice, not a tradition.

Hope this was helpful. Thank you all my readers!!

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