What is defense mechanism? How psychology looks into this aspects? Defense mechanism are something that is studied under topic stress. What do you do when you are stress? You meditate, or listen to your favourite music, etc your some how try to divert your mind or make your mind and fight it. According to psychology defense mechanism are the unconscious strategies used to protect the ego from shattering due to unacceptable and harsh reality, it’s a face saving device. Excessive used of defense mechanism leads us to a habit of escaping from the reality and indulge in falsehood about’s one own self which causes lack of concentration eventually leading to symptoms of mental disorder. Let’s see some of the defense mechanism described by Dr. Sigmund Freud;


Suppose a person has underwent a traumatic experience it’s called repression. It’s an unconscious mechanism devise by the ego to keep disturbing the thoughts outside our conscious awareness. Thoughts that are often repressed are those that would result in feelings of guilt from superego.


Displacement is the redirection of an impulse onto to less powerful target. In this case the person can’t retaliate against the actual source of their impulse and that person redirects it to a less powerful target. Example if your working parent is scolded by the boss in the office they come n vent out that anger on you.


It is considered to be the a more adaptive defense mechanism in that it can be transform the negative thoughts and emotions into a more positive energy. It’s like redirecting your emotion into a productive endeavour.


A person day dreams to escape the reality. It’s when life appears to be tough and unfair a person often uses fantasy to escape the reality. Adolescent is a stage when they get more into this defense mechanism which can be dangerous for their mental health. If they day dream excessively they may lose touch with the actual world and surrounding.

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