International Literacy Day

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Literacy the way one defines it tells many things about the perception of that person on the topic, but what can’t change with the variety of thoughts and points of view is the motive, the base, and everything which can tell the sheer drive of why and what behind the subject.

“The man who won’t read has no advantage on the man who can’t read”, as the saying goes we can easily see the importance of one’s literacy. The power one can harness from the depth of reading and knowledge is far much greater than anything.

The boundness of our imagination and information about things restricts us from achieving many things at the higher fronts, so reading and knowing contributes to your personal growth as well as on the backends of things too.

International Literacy Day is celebrated on the 8th of September every year all over the United States started in the year 1966.

But before knowing some of the amazing facts and information about literacy shouldn’t we know the real meaning of what literacy is and what one can interpret from it.

Literacy means the ability of a person through which one can understand, read, write and interpret things that they never can think of without the means of literacy.

“ The more you read, the more you learn and more places you go” by Dr. Seuss

Says everything about the benefit of the reading and how it can affect one’s all over the status of mind and as well as living methods.

So, let’s dive into the amazing facts and important notes related to the world’s literacy day.

First, let’s talk about the facts which concern the literacy rate of the world’s populations.

According to the stats of the United Nation, there are around 75 million children which are either dropouts or they don’t go to school.

As of this year, there are around 250 children which still can’t read or write, but the amazing fact is that around 84% of the world’s population is literate.

Almost the major portion of illiterate adults are from the top 10 countries like Nigeria, China, Pakistan, and India. One in five adults is illiterate according to the stats.

International Literacy day is not a day to celebrate it as a Holiday but it is the day to observe and know the importance of reading.

The literacy of India is somehow not so good or bad but it is something for which we all are working together and we will achieve it in the upcoming years ahead.

But again there is something lethargic about the rate of our literacy as if though we want to achieve it but we are unable to do so or it’s we just don’t want to achieve it right away.

Even in times of the global crisis, we have come up with alternatives to let the flow of literacy continue and people get their basic right of reading and literacy.

Even though around everything we should celebrate the people who can read and spread awareness who can’t.

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