Poverty can be defined as the condition where an individuals basic necessities are not fulfilled like; shelter, clothing, education. Today world is heading towards globalization, but still poverty remains a prime issue in many countries. Poverty has become a complex problem. It leads to other problems. A poor person is not able to get education which causes increase in illiteracy. An illiterate person is not qualified for jobs roles which leads to unemployment and in many cases humans exploitation and child labour. An unemployed person is not able get proper nutrition diet leading to power health and no energy for work. Most of the underprivileged class lives in slum areas. They lack in proper sanitation and drinking water, eventually leading to an early death. We can say that poverty is the root cause of other problems in society. There are various causes of poverty and one of the chief cause is population explosion. Rising population is putting load over the resources and budgeting of the country. In some countries past civil war had made poverty widespread. Natural disaster has also contributed to countries poverty. Today the rich are getting richer and poor are getting more poor. Government has come up with many plans to eradicate poverty but we can get better by joint efforts of government and people.