He was an American psychologist born in 1902 , who took the humanistic approach to psychotherapy. According to Rogers every individual has tendency to actualize himself. According to him mentally healthy individuals have congruence between self and their experience.

According to him every person has the tendency to actualize themselves and a mentally healthy individual have congruence between their experience and their self concept. Neurotic individual deny their sensory and emotional experience. There are two concepts related to this;


Real self is what we truly are. It is important for good psychological health. Self image directly affects how a person feels, thinks and acts in this world. Real self is our inner personality who is aware about their strength and weakness. It may not be perfect but it is our real part.


It is what desire to be. It represents our ambitious and goals. By ideal self , Rogers meant some goals which are beyond our capabilities. This causes gap between real and ideal self.

If ideal self and real self are alike our self concept is accurate. High congruence between real self and ideal self leads to greater sense of self worth and a healthy productive life and if there is incongruence between them it leads to maladjustment.

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  1. This is brilliant and I love how concise the language is and straight to the point. This helped me realize how my dreams (ideal self) is connected to real self… and the closer those align, the higher my self worth.

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