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Internet has made our lives easy, everything is available there from assignments to math problems but can internet do Everything for us? No, ultimately it’s us, students, who have to study, write for exams and get through this phase of our life. It’s very easy for all of us to get distracted with just one notification on our phone, or thought of our crush😉.
Not everyone can study with all that is going around and concentrate, so many students opt for night time as their study time. But you won’t disagree with fhe fact that it affects our daily routine, makes us feel exhausted for the rest of the day. Night time is for dreaming!! It’s important to rest for our body and our mind. If you are not satisfied with your daily routine, change it. Start with small changes like waking up early, eating healthy and being productive etc,. You don’t have to have a very strict routine, chill you are just a student few ‘habits’ are enough for you.

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You must have heard your parents saying that you never forget whatever you learn in the morning, can’t bet on it’s authenticity but it’s true that mornings are good to start learning. From my experience it is because there is no or very less disturbance with your family sleeping peacefully it’s easy to concentrate. And you know when you start early most of your work is done by the time others wake up. Your reasons for not exercising are eliminated. It also helps in protecting you against:

  • Stress
  • Respiratory issues
  • Obesity
  • Bad mood


Do you find it hard to concentrate while studying? Everytime you open your book your phone calls you and asks to scroll for 5 more mintues? Or your mind starts wandering to some wonderland? Well, it’s normal but it makes the study time difficult. Thankfully you can actually eliminate these small distractions. Let’s start with phone. Keep you phone one silent or block the apps for the time being, download website and app blockers from playstore. Keep your away from the place you’re studying so that you don’t pick up your phone everytime you have the urge to check msgs.
Start with the topic that you find most interesting and make a time period for every subject. Don’t include the boring ones together and study when you feel it.

Make good habits and they will make you

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It’s so important to just forget about everything and enjoy for a moment. You can plan a family trip to some nearby hill station or a dinner or you can ask your friends for a weekend reunion. It will help you in keeping your study tension side for a day or two. You will stay up to date with your loved ones and you will have people to share your story. You can explore new things like, a dish, a new restro or a new friend you met online. Just get out of the house feel free, dump everything from your head make it ready for the next week. You don’t wanna start your week burdened with stress of the last one.


As students we often ignore the importance of sleep and how much it affects us. Lack of sleep can cause many serious issues affecting our brain function and body. It will cause you to feel exhausted all day long and lower your productivity. It can lead to stress and a greater risk of heart attack. A good 7 hour sleep is a must as our brain and body rest at that time. In simple words you have all the reasons in the world to get a good sleep. To keep you healthy, working, efficient, happy. What else reason do you need?? It is the ultimate solution to all your problems. Start sleeping on time and you will discover the ultimate change in your lifestyle. You will have all the time to do you daily chores and still have time in your sleeves to relax.

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