All That Glitters is not Gold

By- Supriya

All that glitters is definitely not Gold.In reality, many a times it is the fake one that glitters more.Even that useless broken piece of a glass that can do nothing but cut through flesh and make it bleed will shine with great glory as the sum rays fall and dance upon its surface. But that reflection of prismatic colours do not change that wounding piece of glass into gold. It is often thus said with a touch of a warning that ‘Appearance is always deceptive ‘. Thus we should never rely on outward manifestations and put up shows. Many a times people can put up false show of kindness, charity ,love, respect and other kinds of virtues.People even get swayed by that artful pretence of such people. But time and trails are the greatest examiners. With time when trails knock at their door, such people start showing their true colours.

Many a times ,in life, things are not what they seem to be. Most of the times, they are covered by false masks , faces and appearances.In fact , history has repeatedly proved that people have worn multiple masks in order to reach the higher ladders of success. People often make use of trickery ,cunningness,hypocrisy and flattery in order to achieve their dreams. They believe their inward reality of shallowness and hollowness by a fantastic and blinding show of grave morality.So, due to false appearances, morally depraved have easily passed as great moralists before the world ,fools have passed as wise, dishonest people have been thought of as honest,liars as great protectors of truth , wicked as sincere friends and traitors as great patriots. The garb of fine dresses, good manners, sweet voice ,kind behaviour and honey – dripping personality works out well with such persons as people at large are often swayed by such sweetness. But rarely do they realise that under this rosy appearance lies the serpent quietly coiled up ready to string at the slightest provocation.
It is in fact very easy to befool and misguide people by putting on a grab of goodness by means of fine dresses and speeches. People fall prey to good manners and good appearance. Human mind is gullible and foolish. It is often taken captive by what is shown and does not care to see what lies behind. Hence, people are often deceived because of such appearances. Sycophancy and hypocrisy can, of course ,help people for sometime to climb the social and economic ladder but concealment cannot work for long. Gold shows itself as purer than ever before when tried and tested, but it is the fake one that fails at the slightest touch of test.

It has been rightly and aptly said that everything is not exactly as it seems. A shiny piece of metal shining gloriously in the sun from afar, turns out to be a useless piece of sharp- edged tin if examined closely.

Thus, before making hasty judgement based on what seems to be one should take time to try and peep behind the facade of make – belief sweetness and politeness. One should use wisdom and discretion to weigh the appearance against what lurks behind as truth. Then only one can learn to differentiate between gold and the rest that glitters as gold.

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