Anxious People Book Review-Fredrik Backman

I am a complete sucker for good books, a total bibliophile who loves and appreciates a good story. Now let me tell you this, the book Anxious People by Fredrik Backman is overwhelmingly addictive, in a good way ofcourse. Calling it a good book with a good story would be quite an understatement. This story is breathtakingly beautiful in the most elegant and realest of ways. It was my first time hearing about this author and I found out about this book in the comment section of an Instagram handle that I follow and I immediately fell for the title of the novel. ‘Anxious People’ . Instantly without making any delay I picked this title up and it was the best thing I could have done for myself since it taught me a lot. This book is my favorite book for the time being and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’ll always cherish this story and the wonderful people portrayed in it.

As one keeps reading the novel, the story keeps blooming into an ever changing drama between the protagonists of the story since there isn’t a definite protagonist in this fabulous piece of literature. The best part about this book is that the reader can relate to the story and that this isn’t a distant fantasy. The story revolves around real people with real world problems. Hence, it is very much relatable and also enjoyable at the same time. The humour in this book is quite entertaining along with the clever story telling. Frankly this story is hilarious. One can find themselves clutching their stomachs quite often. It is also emotional I might add but not in a sad manner. It deals and teaches us to cope with life situations and also reminds us that humanity still exists and exists splendidly so.

The story is about a bank robbery I could say. But really it is about an apartment viewing, I might be wrong here too. It is actually about Stockholmers. Well why spoil the fun. Find out yourselves what this intricately weaved masterpiece is about. I assure you it’ll be worthwhile and you’ll not be disappointed. Fredrik Backman has written many novels worth mentioning and also has won a lot of prestigious awards for them. I have yet to read his other works since I only stumbled upon the Swedish writer quite recently. I am positive I’ll find all his other works equally entertaining as well and I’m quite excited to pick his books up. I’m quite sure you’ll find yourself loving this book just as much I did.

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