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Every corner of every street, their is a different definition for Feminism. But, the question is, does anyone know what exactly it is? no. One does not know the precise meaning of Feminism, but, as we say, there is always a root to a plant. The root here is equality. feminism is equality. that is it. No more, no less. Feminism is equality between men and women, male and female, him and her, girl and boy, or any other words you may use to refer to that. Feminism is a woman wearing clothes of her choice without being harassed, a mother going to work without being judged, a girl having an equal salary as a man, a lady ruling a kingdom without being considered as fragile or weak. Feminism is not particularly about women doing whatever they want, it is about women having equal rules about not doing something. It is a choice as well as a necessity, it is a regulation as well as freedom, it is about doing what you love and not being judged at. For example, if a man dates multiple women, he is a stud amongst his friends, but if a woman does the same, she is a whore. If a man stays at home to take care his child and the woman goes to work, the woman is the brazen, carefree, shameless devil while the man is a poor innocent fellow, and if the opposite happens, the man is a man and it is the woman’s responsibility to take care of her child and sacrifice her career. This happens everywhere around us, even if we notice or not, and it will keep happening, until we evolve our mindset.

Evolving our mindset isn’t exactly a piece of cake, modifying what’s made of us by this society isn’t easy. We need to process our thoughts correctly, instead of living in translucent denial. I know, some ideas, though innovating, do not fit with our mindset. no matter that we know it is good to adapt that form of thinking, our brains just can’t help nurturing an idea that has been stuck in them, almost since we were born. We need to accept our thoughts, and let them go. absolutely believe in those societal standards, and let them go. This trick, I learnt from my grandmother, she says if you want to clear your mind and have fresh thoughts, this trick will do. Accept the thought, almost believe it, and then imagine letting it go, fly away far away. It has helped me a lot, and during the pandemic, staying alone at home, I got to do this often, and it snapped my personality. literally, and not in a bad way, a good way, a really good way, believe me. So, actually accepting feminism to our bones isn’t really that hard, if you give the time to learn it. Mostly because it’s natural, god made a man, and god made a woman, and he made them both equal. it is the orthodoxic societal standards that made us accept the fact that woman is any step, any level lower or weaker. We have to stop that. we need to stop that. and if you are with me, we will stop that.

she is a goddess, she is a queen, and I can’t render enough that she is a beautiful human being. Rhymes good, doesn’t it? now bring this rhyme to life. People, not only women, but men and third genders too, have died craving and fighting for freedom of women. And, if you, regardless of gender, can’t do something to decrease this hollow gap between men and women, then what are you doing? we are all born the same, and if you don’t help towards keeping that as it is, the what are you doing? Life is a gift, and all shall have it. Free, Joyful and alive. Otherwise, this world will worsen, the few beautiful things, the first cry of a baby, the smile of a little girl, will vanish. equality between men and women is the only and only way that we can save our world from disrupting.

this is it for today!

thank you for reading,

lots of love and amnesty,


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