The Beauty of Diversity – INDIA

India a name when comes to your mind, what is the the picture of india for you? If you know about india and had lived here than you will have a picture of where some wear dhoti other lungi and some other pajama. There is even diversity in the way of wearing saree like bangali, Gujarat, assami, marathi, orria and much more.

The real beauty of India

India is actually a planet in it self, where there are numerous festivals, people, issues etc all of a different kind but in one nation. Where you will find a Hindu enjoying eid with Muslim, a Muslim taking care of a Hindu temple, a Sikh serving langer to each and every being on this earth who wants to have it.

In India everything is diverse our geography, climate, culture, attaire, language, cuisine, looks, religion, festivals etc. But one thing is common in everyone that is we are Indians and we love our india. We celebrate eachother’s festivals, we enjoy eachother’s cuisine, we wear eachother’s attaire, ultimately we are united.

We fight among ourself (which I agree is not a good thing), but when anyother tries to offend our country we unites.

India’s is really an amazing country, whose real essence is ‘unity in diversity’.