Hostel Life Memories

by – Supriya

Hostel Life is the main charm of college life.In fact, hostel life is true world of fun and freedom. The students who live in homes envy hostel students. They do not have the parental check.Hostel life is so charming that some students,in spite of having homes in the same city like to live in hostels.College life is generally regarded as the best part of a student’s life. A college is dreamland of a student’s life. It is a beautiful panorama of enjoyment, freedom and friendship. Sweet memories and pleasure of college life are simply amazing. The first and the last day, a group of friends holidays , functions ,other activities and hostel life make college life the most memorable part of students life. In short, it is true that the joys and freedom that seem a dream in school become a reality in college.
Hostel life offers many attractions. The main charm is that of freedom. There is no parental observation and restriction. Hostel students have their timetables for come and go,study and play and sleep and wake. In short, they do as and what they wish to do. They may study at night and sleep in the day.They may or may not attend classes. They may go to the cinema whenever they like. So, they have their own lifestyles.

” Freedom is the hallmark of Hostel Life”

Hostel life has the attraction to spend money freely.A hostel student feels free to demand and spend money. Some boys become extravagant in their expenditure. They wear the latest fashion dresses.They can have their rooms very well furnished and they can also attend and arrange parties. They can also adopt expensive hobbies. They feel free to live and spend.Hostel life plays an important role in developing the personality of a student. The students who live in hostel are confident, self-dependent and active. Hostel life helps them to develop a sense of responsibility . Freedom also helps them to grow in a better way. They get good training in practical life. They also feel relax and safe from domestic disturbance. So, every should be given a chance to benefit from hostel life.

There are also some dangers of hostel freedom is misused . Lack of check and restrictions becomes a means of immoral activities. Some boys adpot bad habits like smoking, gambling, and drinking. Vidence also becomes a part of their personality. Generally , they ignore their studies ,waste their time and so fail in the examination. They develop the habit of fraud and lie. They demand more money from their parents on false pretexts. They hesitate to talk about studies and show fake result cards. Fashions become a part of their daily life.In view of the above discussion ,it can be said that hostel life is a mixed blessing. Whether histel life should be praised or cursed depends on the student. In a hostel , a student can achieve all his targets and come out as a complete man. He can also turn into an angry young man. Overall, we say that hostel life is a worth – enjoying experience for every student.

Hostel life makes a student regular in studies and games.The time for studies and games is usually fixed, and their teachers or supervisor watch students. The atmosphere of good hostel is such that it makes a student interested in his regular activities. He likes to move ahead and to do better than others. If he falls behind the senior students ,the teachers can help him to improve himself. Thus, he finds himself engaged in a happy competition .Not only in studies and sports , in other matters like student management of the hostel dining hall, Library,common room,indoor games, and debating and other clubs he can work and gain valuable experience. In any case, a student learns to live independently in a hostel . He cannot get his parents or elders help as he can at home in practically every matter. Sometimes he has to take decisions independently ,for example , whether to go on a trip organised by the college or to particular in a college function. He chooses his friends and companions himself and decides what he may do in his free time. Later, in practical life ,he can adjust himself in changing conditions and circumstances rather easily.

The pleasure of enjoyments of hostel life are many . We can have friends to our liking . We can play different games in the college lawns or in the common room.Without the experiences of hostel life , in our opinion , the life of a student remains incomplete in several ways.A student remembers his hostel life forever . His experiences there bring him rich reward in real life.


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