My experience as a scribe writer.

Dusshera festive takes me down to the memory lane I began social work.It has been years I have been inclined towards social work. It was in the year 2017 when my Super Super senior and I began cooperating for social causes , it was all so new to me moreover I cherished it. I celebrated my first EEver birthday party in a Ngo called Rakshana charity and throughout my degree life I never missed treating the kids who were bought up in rakshana charity. I would bunk classes to work my ass off to take part at social causes conducted across the city cause I appreciated doing what I cherished, later I joined 2 Ngo’s furthermore a community which was meant for people who would provide services for social causes all over Bangalore.However I was so caught up with all my internships and college stuff that I couldn’t participate at ease in the community where I joined as a service provide,however the organiser reached me through a telephonic call and enquired if I was available for 6 hours to attend an exam as a scribe writer, I agreed and then I met this girl Manisha, a young lady who has visual impairment since birth known to be enthusiastic and extremely dedicated despite the fact that on the off chance that she can’t see , read, write or compose everything. All she does is think beyond practical boundaries and never to surrender. I belive she’s carrying on with an extraordinary life where ever she is. I had the best experience ever as I got a chance to help her in her tests as a scribe writer. P. S-I in a real sense missed my final Psychology practicals test just to go to her paper in addition I had to reappear(Backs) for the practicals all alone😅

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