Role of Women in Shaping Society

Women plays a crucial role in developing any society. Freedom of Independence has been suppressed from the ancient times but, the woman have fought for their rights in the history and fighting for themselves in today too. Now this need to be taken into consideration that even today the women have to prove themselves that they worth being treated equal to their mens counterpart.

Women have fight for everything which the men automatically gets as their birth privilege, because of which women they have value for each of these things. The situation good in urban areas but the womens in rural area face domestic violence, mental torture, not allowed to work or study. The are forced to limit their world in a small house.

In this I does not mean that every women are facing this level of injustice in rural area, but even if one of them is facing this that is going to impact the whole family of her, as if she have a daughter she will suppress her and if she have a son he will be learning same thing to disobey women. As one rightly said that have men gets educated he gets educated alone, but when women gets educated a whole family gets educated.

In some or the other sence always a women gets questioned for her deeds, she always has to prove herself better than a men to get appreciated. We have to actually change the mentality that be like a boy, no just be yourself. We have to change a stereotype that she walks like a men, he walks like a girl, this is the work of men, that is the work of women.