Barak valley flaunting COVID-19 rules during pujo
Anindita sinha
Last Tuesday during vijaya dashami residents of barak valley were seen to unfollow the Covid-19 guidelines
which are imposed by the barak valley government for the city residents especially. There were strict
rules and guidelines issued by the district administration for silchar, karimganj and many others nearby
districts whereas the protocols were maintained for the initial days of the pujo. It was for the first time
there was no huge celebration for the festival as it remained quite and calm due to the pandemic and
heavy rainfall, there was continuous rainfall for the past 3 days of the festival except for the last day of
the festival which is known as the dashami. Barak valley people belive that the festival have bought light
into their hearts and this might be the end of the pandemic too.There has been no distribution of prasad
among the pandal and no offering of ‘anjali’ to the chanting of mantras by priests during the initial days
but it didn’t last during the last day of the festival. However the active cases are increasing rapidly and
whatever steps taken by people should be considered by them so that they can be safe, till now there is
no news of people getting affected by the virus which is a good news however one must consider it not
to follow the same step again as the virus is still on its process of catch holding people .

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