Short Wives & Tall Husbands Are Scientifically The Best

You know how you see couples with huge height differences? Like, if the woman is a 4 ft 11 inches and the man is a good 6 feet tall, towering over her? Turns out, they’re more likely to have a successful and happy relationship than most. 

Short Wives & Tall Husbands Are Scientifically The Best Couple ComboBorlem

You see, the key lies in the difference of heights. And now, there’s even science to back that up. According to a recent study, the couples with biggest height differences have the best relationships and make perfect marriages. And that’s not all. The study further divulges specific details that prove that shorter wives and taller husbands actually make for the most ideal of relationships and are stronger as a couple than most others. Also, taller men as it would turn out, seem to have a more sexually satisfied appetite than most other men. And when you really do put two and two together, you’d come to realize that in a lot of ways, these dynamics and facts have been right about romantic relationships, with or without the quantification of a scientific study. 

“Although it has been known that women prefer tall men in mating for evolutionary reasons, no study has investigated whether a taller husband makes his wife happier. A greater height difference in a couple was positively related to the wife’s happiness,” explains Dr Sohn in the Journal Of Personality and Individual Differences. The study further goes on to reveal that husbands play a rather significant role in building and making a relationship last and stand the test of time. Women with taller husbands generally tend to be happier in their relationships than most others. 

This isn’t to say that most other relationships aren’t built to last. A scientific study and a general obvious dynamic do not determine the elasticity of a relationship. It has a lot more to do with two people and the kind of connection they share with each other. And if the love and the connection are deeply intertwined, I highly doubt a difference in height can really influence one’s relationships much. So, couples who don’t have much of a height difference between the two spouses, don’t feel disheartened. Your relationship is based on a lot more than just height differences and scientific studies.

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