Indian Surgical Strike

Today 28th September, we are celebrating the anniversary of surgical Strike. It was the first operation in which the Indian army’s para special forces has crossed the Line of Control to destroy terrorists camps and launch pads.

Reason for conducting surgical Strike

The Indian Army conducted the surgical Strike in response to the Uri attack on September 18, 2006, which was conducted by a Pakistani base terror group jaish-e-mohammed. The Attack aimed Indian army camp killings 19 soldiers. Similar attacks where done in Gurdaspur and Pathankot, so this was an alarming security alert for the Indian armed forces.

How it was conducted

Indian Army Army conducted this operation In the Midnight of 28 and 29 September 2016. There were 70 to 80 soldiers involved in teams a team of the forces crossed LOC in Kupwara district while, another group cross LOC from poonch district. They destroyed terrorist camp using granites and rockets, there were no casualties and no commoner was harmed during this mission. A soldier was injured due to tripping landmine.

New India

This was a moment the whole Nation was celebrating as we got our revenge of Uri attack and other previous attacks. Nations security is atmost priority and Indian Army Soldiers showed the whole world that this is New India, which knows how to enter in enemy’s land and finish them off ( Bhart dushmano ke ghar me ghusega bhi aur marega bhi).