Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti ,a date which needs no introduction. Father of our nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on this day. He was one of the strongest pillar for India during in struggle for freedom from British era.

He was very different from other freedom fighters. He believed in the concept of nonviolence and self sufficiency. His personality has impressed many leaders around the world like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Einstein and even the Britishers one of those.

He was a gentleman who gained law degree in London and came back to the India and I was so touched by the living conditions of the people here that he decided to be one of them. He wore a dhoti and thin cloth on upper body.

He was a man of principle, in his aashram he did all of his work on his own and teach the same lesson to his followers. He was a tiny man but having a great speed. He walked miles on his foot that too with great speed, matching his speed was not easy.

He always live for his countrymen and tried to solve their problems and dedicated whole of his life for the country. He fought the fight of freedom with never compromising his principles. That’s the reason he was given the title of ‘Father of India’.