The variety of cartoon from my childhood time for which almost all kids from my generation have spend their all time watching is nothing compared to what the kids from these days generation are watching. And the biggest difference I make is that this generation shows have from mine were that most of the shows of my generation was anime and Japanese cartoon but now a days all the cartoon were shown to kids are mostly Indian based story cartoon and some rerun of my time anime.

I still remember how after doing my homework I run towards the tv punctually on 7 pm as the shows were to be start with good contented stories, continuity, good moral and each episodes make me curious at the end about all kind of the things like what gonna happen the next day. But the cartoon happens to kids favorite are all comical with no sense and no continuity , just for fun purpose only.

Some loved and epic shows still to be remembered and watched are –


Naruto was something else to talk about it was so popular around my time , bullshit it still is. As it being the anime of Japan dubbed in Hindi there was some changes in the line of story as the Naruto was parted into two- Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. In India, only Naruto was broadcasted Hindi dubbed and become much more popular than Indian cartoon were ever were among children around 9 and above. Popularity of cartoons are shown very different as their taglines becomes popular as in this case were the jutsu names, mainly the famous ” RASENGAN” were used in many imaginative fight between kids for fun.


Dragon ball in one of the most famous anime broadcasted in India and were the most popular one among the kids. The story based on the baby found by an old man who named him Goku and his journey to learn martial arts and to fight the most powerful fighter around the world. As he moved forward with his journey he meet and make many friends and foes who he with and against fights for the world peace and sometimes for the dragon balls which makes some of the wishes of the callers true. With friends like Bulma, kuririn, Master Roshi , Piccolo etc being part of the gang and after being married to chichi and having a kid named Gohan and getting informed of him being a alien warrier species called “Saiyyan” bring more of the troubles in the name of “Vegeta” and with him the bigg boss ” frieza”. The most famous line of this show becomes the “KAMEHAMEHA” the powerful energy ball of attack and the real term call “CHI” the internal energy used in martial arts.


Pokemon was the only anime amongst the other animes whose mostly all season were broadcasted hindi dubbed in India. Story revolves around the main character Ash and his first pokemon Pikachu and his group of friends Misty and Broke, which he make during his journey to become a pokemon master was divided into many season based on regions while catching more pokemon to become more powerful. Most of the pokemon got popularity among kids, who chooses their own favourite pokemon and most popular was the one called pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard etc. This anime was the only one which was popular among all age group and gender kids because it involves both cute pokemon and the one who can fight.


Takeshi’s castle even being not an anime but still make it to this list as the fun and entertaining show is being among the kids was overwhelming in India and viewership wasn’t limited to just the kids but to adults also well with the show being what is was its expected to be like that. The fun format of the show was to have contestant over 80 to 150 people whom General Tani forced to participate in some series of physical challenges to eliminate half of the contestants and put them against his own henchmen and Count Takeshi in the FINAL SHOWDOWN. The best and fun part of the show find by the Indian viewer is the funny and witty commentary and comments by comedian Javed Jaffrey on the beaten and eliminated contestants. The funny henchmen and twisted and sadistic challenges were the attraction for the kids who find it funny and entertaining.

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  1. Initially, Naruto personality turned me off from the show. A friend let me borrow the full series and two seasons of Naruto Shipuden. Turns out, I missed out on a great anime. Now I’ve finished both series. I haven’t seen all the movies.

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