World of Social Media

Social media a word which is is now probably used by everyone. Social media maybe your WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook etc. These are some of the name of the apps which helps us to interact with whole world.

The power of social media in today’s world cannot be neglected, as there are many examples present where a small startup has grown into big business firm and because of a small post once put on some of the social media apps.

It not only help businesses to grow but it also helps your ideas to reach too many people around the world. It provides you a platform to give voice to your ideas and thoughts. Some of the other social media platforms like LinkedIn helps to create professional relationship.

It has helped each individual to showcase the talent. Earlier days the people who want to actually act in front of the audience were only limited to the film industry but, now even the common people can post their videos in any of the social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

As we know everything has two sides so, it is also having its Dark Side as well. Today’s youth has now started misusing the social media platform for just waste of time. Day spend a lot of their valuable time just watching wasteful videos for chats. By this I don’t mean that you should not watch videos to refresh your mind you should watch but there should be a time fix for it.

We should always look at the positive thing in life to go ahead, so it similarly applies to the social media too. We should focus on using it positively so that it brings about a change in society in good manner and as well as in yourself as a person by gaining knowledge from other people.