Pollution a reality of today

Pollution has became a part of our life. It has became the reality whether we accepted or not. We have to now keep air purifier to purify the air inside our house. Just think of the level of destruction in has caused to just as well as to nature.

We have reduced the resources of nature or either we have misused the resources of nature for our own benefit. We youmans are so selfish that for our benefit we can even take away the things which are meant for everyone. Like we have polluted so many rivers which has caused death to so many aquatic animals that we can’t even imagine of.

We have polluted the air quality so much that we are now facing difficulty to breathe ourselves. We have caused pollution in air, water, soil, noise whatnot. Just think it yourself.

Now there are so many activist and NGOs are coming ahead for cleaning up the message that has been spread by us only. But it is not enough. To remove Facebook devil from our mother nature each and everyone have to contribute towards this.

We can take small steps like using public transport instead of personal one for travelling which will reduce the air pollution. There is no need of very much big-big steps to be taken a small step by each individual is enough for cutting this pollution into half.

It is our nature and we should use net sustainabily so that it is available for other animals and future generation as well.