Writer John Tolkien has rightly expressed, “Not all those who wander are lost.” To travel is to set on a new journey, new experiences and lifetime memories. Life is a book and those who do not travel will just remain reading a single page of that book. People travel for numerous purposes such as to explore other places, to seek education and knowledge, stress reduction, to spend time with near and dear ones, etc. To travel without hindrances, one must have thorough information about what to carry and keep alongside during the journey. This blog will attempt to cover most of the travel essentials required.

Travel Bag

It is quite apparent that one will certainly carry a bag while travelling. The bag that one will carry must depend on the time period of travel and purpose of travel. The bag used must provide comfort in mobility and must not be one which can be easily damaged.

  • Long Vacations – Sturdy rolling luggage bag
  • Treks – Long rucksacks
  • Short Business Travels – Cabin sized wheeled duffel bag
  • Shopping – Tote bag

First Aid Kit

It is a must have commodity while travelling. In case of any small mishap, having a first aid kit along, will help prevent further complications or may even omit trips to a clinic, if acted upon quickly. Accidents are unpredictable, hence being prepared beforehand is necessary. Any first aid kid must include the following items – Band aids, bandages, antibiotic ointments, non latex gloves, aspirin (as one’s doctor suggests), a pair of scissors, thermometer, etc as per the Red Cross.


Keeping your personal travel journal along will help you to rewind all those lovely memories. Jotting down personal experiences will help you list down all what you have experienced while traveling. One can also pen down important phone numbers which he/she might need in case of an emergency. If travelling solo, one may write down the list of places that one would like to visit during the travel to avoid forgetting about it later on. A soft bound, back pack friendly diary with maps and pens is ideally recommended by avid travellers.

Vitamin tablets and Energy drinks

Events in a tour are uncertain. While one must decide beforehand, about what and where he/she would consume while on the tour, there is a possibility that plans may not work out accordingly. In case of unavailability of food supplies, energy bars, energy drinks and multivitamin tablets according to the doctor’s prescription can be consumed. During in flight travels, food options are scarce, hence the body does not receive the daily needed dose of supplements. Also, while travelling in a public transport, one’s body is prone to germs and infections. To avoid being stuck in such situations, it is always better to carry the needed dose of supplements along.

Seasonal Elements

One must thoroughly research on the weather conditions of the place he/she is travelling to. The climatic conditions in various regions of the world is varied.

Tropical Climate – Carry light coloured outfits to keep yourself cool. White or lightly printed loose tees, shorts and breezy dress are a go to set of clothing. Also, one must remember to carry along, shades, hats and sunscreen.

Cold Climate – Natural fibers such as wool and silk work wonders in preventing feeling cold. Layers of sweatshirts, fleece garments or thermals worn inside an all season leather jacket helps in protection from wind and rainfall. Gloves and socks are also to be carried for better warmth.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”


One must relentlessly travel and explore the world. We might not understand how flamboyant the people, cultures and landscapes of this world are, unless we travel. In order to travel worry-free and experience serenity, one has to keep in mind the essentials that he/she must carry while embarking on a journey.