Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

Problem-solving, visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Types of A.I:-

 Reactive Machines AI. …

 Limited Memory AI. …

 Theory of Mind AI. …

 Self-aware AI. …

 Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) …

 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) …

 Artificial Superhuman Intelligence (ASI)

Top 10 companies in abroad using A.I technology effectively.

1. AIBrain

Based in California, AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company that builds AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. It three products: AICoRE, the AI agent, iRSP, an intelligent robot software platform, and Futurable, a future simulation AI game where every character is a fully autonomous AI. The focus of their work is to develop artificial intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem solving, learning and memory.

2. Amazon

The online retail giant offers both consumer and business-oriented AI products and services. Amazon Echo brings artificial intelligence into the home through the intelligent voice server, Alexa. For AWS, the company has three primary services: Lex, a business version of Alexa, Polly, which turns text to speech,and Recognition, an image recognition service.

3. Anki

Anki is dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life through its Cozmo and Anki Overdrive products. Cozmo is Anki’s flagship robot. Cozmo has been described as one of the most sophisticated consumer robots to date due to its emotional responses while Overdrive is a car racing game complete with track.

4. Apple

Apple has acquired four artificial intelligence startups within the past two years, demonstrating its big step into the artificial intelligence sphere. One of them became the bases for Face ID, a facial recognition security system. The bulk of the company’s work is around Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, but as usual Apple is tight-lipped about plans. It recently poached Google’s AI chief,which will undoubtedly help its efforts and further the acrimony with Google.

5. Banjo

Raising over $100 million last year, Banjo makes use of artificial intelligence to comb through social media and identify real-time events and situations that are important to its partners. The startup was developed after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 as a way for companies to analyze social media to make better decisions, move faster, and change the way they understand and interact with people all over the world.

6. Cloud Minds

Cloud Minds is developing what it calls an end-to-end cloud intelligence (CI)system called Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) platform for robots. CI is different from AI in that it combines machines with humans rather than treating them as separate entities. This allows the robot to be controlled by human beings. It also offers the Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS),provides information security for remote robot control.

7. Deep mind

Not a product company, Deep mind is nonetheless a major leader because of its role in AI research. Based in London, it recruits heavily from Oxford and Cambridge, which are leading the way in AI and ML research. Its research papers are widely read as soon as they are published. Google (see below)acquired Deep Mind.

8. Facebook

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has four artificial intelligence labs around the world all designed to give better understanding to how people communicate.The company has also made four recent AI-related acquisitions, the most recent being Ozlo, to help Messenger build out a more elaborate virtual assistant for users.

9. Google

Google, clearly a leader in AI, is on a massive AI acquisition binge, having acquired 12 AI startups in four years. Google is deeply invested in further in artificial intelligence capabilities. Rather than selling a product to the market,Google’s AI efforts are all oriented toward improving its services. It has a major software project in Tensor Flow as well as its own Tensor AI chip project.

10. H2O

Used by more than 100,000 data scientists at more than 12,600 organizations worldwide, H2O claims to be “the world’s leading open source deep learning platform.” The company’s products include its H2O platform, the Deep Water interface that unites leading open source deep learning tools with H2O, the Sparkling Water framework that combines H2O and Spark, the Steam AI Engine for developers, and Driver-less AI, which promises “AI to do AI.” Its customer list includes large enterprises like Capital One, Progressive Insurance,Trans-america, Comcast, Macy’s and Walgreen’s.

Top 10 companies in India using a.i effectively.

1. is one of the FinTech artificial intelligence startups that uses ai todeliver conversational banking services to bring automation and insightfulcustomer engagement to banks. Their advanced technology helps customershave natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IO devices.Headquarters: Singapore

Founded In: 2016

Founders: Parikshit Paspulati, Ravi Shankar, Shankar Narayanan

2. AIndra Systems

AIndra Systems is a technology ai startup that builds products in the artificial intelligence domain that can solve high impact problems. They are focused in the area of artificial intelligence, and specifically computer vision. Some of their products include Smart Attendance Campus and Smart Verify Health.

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded In: 2012

Founders: Adarsh Natarajan, Abhishek Mishra

3. Artivatic Data Labs

Artivatic Data Labs helps individuals make better personalized decisions. They provide an unparalleled view into an individual’s personalized interest, taste,health, lifestyle, fitness, eating, entertainment and physiologic response in real time.

Headquarters: Bangalore

Founded In: 2016

Founders: Layak Singh

4. is one of the best artificial intelligence companies that provides tools to simplify the process of building intelligent systems. They want to enable developer to build strong AI systems and products in the shortest period possible to help solve complex issues.

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founded In: 2013

Founders: Vinay Kumar Sankarapu, Deekshith Marla

5. Braina AI assistant

Braina is a virtual personal assistant and voice recognition software for Windows PC that lets users interact with their computers with voice commands in English. They have an Android app with built-in speech recognition that allows users to interact with their PC from anywhere in the house.

Founded In: 2013

Founders: Akash Shastri

6. CruxIQ

CruxIQ is an artificial intelligence startup that helps you analyze legal contracts and extract information to help you keep important clauses at your fingertips.Their features include contract organization, deviation analysis, RAG analysis.

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Founded In: 2014

Founders: Krishna Sundaresan

7. Fluid AI

Fluid AI believes in the power of artificial intelligence to solve the most unique and biggest problems in different sectors like web, government, finance, and marketing. Their solutions also include a highly accurate facial recognition service.

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founders: Abhinav Aggarwal

8. Formcept

Formcept is a data analysis platform that provides companies with actionable insights quickly and affordably. It can be used by decision makers, data Stewards, analysts/scientists.Their platform is available on premise and on AI disillusion, programmatic for the privileged and Google smart homes.

Here at MFG Labs we actively follow the latest news and opinion about Artificial Intelligence. Most articles are about the AI revolution, its miracles, and all the potential it opens to the average person and companies.

Indeed collective thinking is telling us AI is trendy and it will solve any given problem. It makes us believe AI’s miracles will next generate art, compose the news, take care of companies’ strategy or even develop relationships with us.
At the same time, the Film and TV industries have created science fiction worlds and icons: Star Wars, Her, Terminator… indirectly generating a lot of expectations.
However the ways is still long before reaching SF robots and you won’t meet R2D2 tomorrow. Some voices are rising saying AI is sometimes overkill, or its promises could finally be deceptive. Today AI manages complex tasks such as driving a car, detecting toxic comments on the web and more, but it actually remains just software. The next generation of algorithms will tell us if (human) intelligence can grow out of these advanced software’s we have today.

When privileged arise inside the programmatic world
Google decided to meet us directly on the street. You are getting annoyed waiting for you bus? Let’s test the last features of Google home! Thanks to a partnership with JCDecaux Google transformed Chicago bus shelters into smart homes where you can change the temperature, light up the ‘kitchen’ or ask for a song.
Snap makes a bet: text is over, camera is king
Snap has a vision, a vision where communication system is shifting: in the future, communication is about visual, text is so 2016. Snap is betting on the rise of visual, and decides to base its whole strategy on it. Today, through the different social media we exchange with a mix of both picture and text, we’ll see how it evolves. But is writing really going to go away?

Persistent IDs are the new cookies
Cookies used to be THE solution to target users. Today people use their mobile, desktop, tablet in a same day making it difficult to follow their web journey. Cookies seem to have reach their limit. This article promote a new solution: let’s discover persistent ID’s.

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