Digital Marketing 4.0

2018 has already been a great year in the history of digital marketing .User generated content and influence strategies are still among 2018 most popular digital marketing trends.


We’ll get through the roots of the reason behind 4.0 becoming today’s buzzword, a look at it’s predecessors might give us a perspective on how this revolution in particular is different, trends that will explode 2019 digital awareness.

Now coming to[ what is 4.0?], it’s a term often used to refer to the developmental process in promotional or marketing industry. The term also refers to the forth revolution.this term was first introduced in 2011 under an initiative to enhance the digital industry. In this era we are entering into 4th digital marketing framework.

‘The third industrial revolution’. Perhaps the third industrial revolution is much more familiar to us than the rest revolution’s as most people living today are familiar with industries leaning on digital technologies in production.This is referred to as Digital Revolution and came about the change from analog and mechanical systems to digital ones.It’s even called as information age too.

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The forth industrial revolution takes the automation of manufacturing processes to a new level by introducing customized , flexible technologies. #More integrated Global Marketing ; eg. someone reads blog article on your site follows it up with an e mail sharing or more meaningful content. # A focus on account based marketing [B2B] # Evolving marketing roles # Omnichannel marketing strategy # More integrated global marketing ; no one software can save the day,considering full stack and improving skills about how can it work together.

Trends that will explode digital branding awareness in 2019

The paradigm has shifted and what worked for you last year won’t work for you this year # Relevancy wins war ; Its no longer collecting most e mail address or leads, its about building grater intimacy and relevance with the leads. Overall its about providing right solution to the right people, at right time. # Attention is the new Currency ; If you are not capturing the right attention your losing your game ; if yes, you’re capturing their loyalty and wallet. # one platform id not enough ; eg. your leads on facebook are not on youtube. # Marketing funnel needs to be evolved ; scarcity or countdown time no longer works, instead you need to feed your audience the right content according to awareness and engagement level. # Focus on invisible ROI ; you need to become top of mind.


This concept will push global digital users to a new level of optimization and productivity.The economic reward is immense.The overall pitcher is promising but still security, employment, privacy needs more study. but approach is truly revolutionary.

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